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Re: Which Four Casters for Machines
« Reply #30 on: June 24, 2019, 04:36 AM »
I can only echo what Hans says, urethane tyres can cope with not only weight but, also various floor surfaces.
I always use four or six castors per base, depending on the span and weight. I use swivel braked castors at all points, I cannot get on with some fixed, it doesn’t work for me, and causes frustration.

I always buy castors that have a single weight rating, then I can work out what I need for a certain machine.
Never just cover the machine’s weight, always go over by a fair amount. For example, if you make a base for a planer thicknesser, bear in mind the weight of the stock being machined.
I have often bought sleeper size lengths of sawn oak, and put them on the planer, the oak can get very heavy.

A bit of thought is needed when making these bases, especially for the heavier machines.

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Re: Which Four Casters for Machines
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McMaster-Carr has a leveling caster almost identical to the Zambus. Might even be from Zambus as McMaster makes nothing, just sources and resells stuff others make. But they have a huge selection of casters.
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