Author Topic: Suggestions for custom MFT top that works with vacuum clamps  (Read 1124 times)

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I just completed my own minty-fresh Project EVS auto-cycling vacuum pump kit from



I've also ordered their vacuum clamping add-on along with a 4-pack of Podz vacuum clamping jigs.

I know that my current "jumbo MFT" (also pictured in the above images) won't work with the Podz jigs because MDF is too porous, so my plan is to use the original, laminated top that came with my workbench when I purchased it secondhand:


My plan is to lay out a custom 20mm hole pattern on this laminated top. I'm on the fence as to whether I want to cover the entire surface with holes, like I did with my current MDF top:


Or if I should keep an area "non-holey" for flexibility with moving/adjusting the Podz jigs.

As I'm writing this, I also realized I can probably also cut custom gaskets for the Podz jigs that would likely fit around the 20x96mm hole pattern ("+" shaped), though at the expense of maximum clamping force. I'll have a chance to more closely examine them when they show up today (hopefully).

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