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Store fixtures
« on: March 13, 2016, 08:38 PM »
Anyone living in the Southeast Pennsylvania area might want to visit the K Mart on Route 100 in Exton in the next 7-8 days as they are closing and selling off fixtures such as mobile slat wall carts and mobile wire rack carts that can use slat wall fixtures. A wire rack cart 5 ft wide and almost 5 ft tall is about $40 including casters. These are heavy duty units and you need to bring some allen wrenches, heavy screwdrivers and wrenches if you want to dissemble before loading.

They are also selling non mobile wire rack fixtures for just over $30 that when disassembled will give 4 wire rack panels about 2 x 5 feet.

They are also selling other odds and ends of shelving and racks of various sorts that might be useful in shop organization.

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Re: Store fixtures
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Thanks for sharing, I wish I had someplace to use them. I am not far away in Allentown, where do you live Jimbo?
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