Author Topic: Siginficant noise reduction for 4 shop vacs (under $25 Cdn) - Festool comparable  (Read 919 times)

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Noise improvements after using fibreglass insulation material:

Shop vac Ridgid from 70dB to 63 dB (over 80dB box door open, or over 90dB if unboxed)
Shop vac for drill press, etc. from 90dB to 75dB
Shop vac for Kapex - lowered to 75dB

I still have material left to do the shop vac for the SawStop (overarm dust collection) later.

The CT15 I use for the Domino Joiner & sanders is said to be rated at 62 - 72dB.
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Just be carefull with the fiberglass. I would never consider it in the interior. Nasty stuff.

Recycled-cloth-style sheets would be my choice.
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As seen in the images, the insulation material stays undisturbed after it is applied to the shop vac, avoiding the risk of any tiny fibers and particles being released into the air.

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The Festool vacs are expensive, but one of my better investments just the same.

With my old Shop Vac brand vacuum, I refused to even turn it on without first putting on hearing protection.

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The Festool CT15 (and previously a CT26) I have is good in noise level, but I still always wear ear protection whenever it's used with another machine. Noise level per se hence wasn't the key reason I wanted a CT, it's its HEPA filter that I need.
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