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Central shop vacuum
« on: February 07, 2022, 10:23 AM »
There has been some discussion about the CT's cycle time being inconvenient in certain circumstances.  Whether or not constant cycling is bad or not it cant be "good" for it.  At the very least it can be inconvenient.  So, my work around in the shop is pictured below.  The benefit of this devise is it has adjustable timer for both start up to help avoid tripping breaker and adjustable timer for over run.  This helps reduce the needless cycling on/off of the DE when you stop to flip or move a part etc. I dont have any long term experience with it yet but so far it is working perfectly.  I was originally going to mount it near the vac in the shed but wanted the option to easily adjust the over run time depending on what Im doing. So, I wall mounted it in the shop and ran a circuit to the DE. It was more work up front but I like it better.  Now if I find its cycling needlessly or running to long I can just add or reduce a few seconds.   

The other photo is a one of the 2" PVC terminal's with magnetic hose connector.  I have multiple spots throughout the shop plumbed with the pvc and dedicated circuit that is hooked to the auto tool trigger.  Now I can move the hose or change hoses quickly and easily.  This also allows me to use shorter hoses for things like sanding and using the Dowler/domino, while keeping everything off the floor.  It also allows you to locate the DE in an out of the way location or in a shed like I do. I have matching magnetic caps that will cover the ports that are not being used.