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Revising my mini Chaos Wall
« on: September 10, 2016, 08:43 AM »
Last April I made my version of Guido Henn's chaostheorie.

My version was built in two pieces, being able to separate right below where the drawer is. As might be expected, I've run out of room between Festool tools, loose tenon systainers, and Tanos systainers I have some other tools in. I also would like to better incorporate it for use in other functions, namely for the top to serve as outfeed for my miter saw.

To fit more systainers, I think I need to do two things: one, make the columns narrower. My drawer design was 1/2" ply on front, sides and bottom, and the systainer nestled between the sides. So with the drawer slides and drawer sides, I have an inch of dead space on each side of the systainers. I'd like to reduce this down to just the slide thickness, or perhaps even that could be nearly eliminated. I'll be measuring later today just how much room I have to work with width-wise. Three columns is the goal.

Two, I need to go double depth. I'm looking at the LV 27.75" drawer slides, I'm hoping those are long enough to give me the ability to open both systainers of the same height and the lid at least going 90° for the back one. The slides probably aren't going to be bought right away, so I'll be using my existing drawer slides at the front, and putting shelves in as needed in the back until I have the need to order the longer slides. I'm hoping I can go for 28" total depth on the case.

My miter saw deck is higher than most. Under the left side support shelf for the saw I store my jointer, so it has to be higher than most people do, and that will give me a bit more room to put in another systainer or two. I'm not sure I'll use legs underneath this time, in order to gain even that bit more of vertical space.

All of this sound reasonable, particularly the depth?
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