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Is there a Sprinter only page?
« on: April 25, 2018, 12:27 AM »
I will be taking delivery of a brand new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3500 170" wheelbase extended next week. This vehicle is the largest one Mercedes makes. It's got 15 ft 9 in from the bulkhead to the rear door. My wheel wells are deep because it's got the dual rear wheels.

When I first discovered Festool about 12 years ago, over the next year or so, I spent over $100K on this brand. Almost all of my systainers and sortainers are the classic version because I bought so much of it back then and it has held up so well, I have not felt the need to replace an older saw with a newer model when the older tools still work just fine.

My question is this, I only want to upfit this vehicle one time. I don't want to build it out and then in a month think to myself, "Oh no, I should have done this or I should have done that". Is there a thread within this Festool Owners Group which is dedicated solely to Sprinter upfits? If there is, I have not been able to find it.

There are so many possible variations of how to upfit the interior this van that it seems dizzying. Even though I've been a contractor for 35 years, I feel it wise to get ideas and help on even going about how to decide which direction to take in designing and upfitting of this van.

 The budget for the storage components is probably limited  to about $5,000.00. It will be my own labor and that of my helper whom I pay $25 per hour so his labor has to also be considered into the budget.
   I have to confess, I am at a loss as to where to even start.
  Our primary business is the installation of Kitchens however, we also do general remodeling.

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Re: Is there a Sprinter only page?
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This is probably the best Sprinter forum. Many builds are for RV's though. There are a few for work vehicles.

You need to decide whether you want just simple pocket storage, sliding shelves, or something really fancy. Do you want to work with wood, plastic, or metal?

Here is a google search using "Sprinter upfitter festool" in images. You can also search "Sprinter Festool", "Sprinter Tanos". The searches will sit you down for hours in front of your computer. Save images that you like and start building.

Keep your weight as low as possible. There is also a ramp available for the rear of the Sprinter which I would highly recommend. Along with a solid bulk head partition and excellent outside locks on the doors, plus an alarm system. Backup camera is a requirement for safety and ease of driving.

Edit: Do search under "Van Racking" and you might find more build outs from Ram Promaster and Ford Transit.
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