Author Topic: non Kapex Miter Saw on UG Mobile Cutting Station  (Read 849 times)

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non Kapex Miter Saw on UG Mobile Cutting Station
« on: May 08, 2022, 09:32 PM »
Hello all

Anybody have any ideas  / experience  / solutions for putting non-Festool sliding miter saws on Festool UG mobile cutting station?

I need to be able to mount a "rough work" saw (probably Ridgid 10", or perhaps Dewalt etc.) when I'm working places where conditions are too rough for the precious Kapex  or that that my kit needs to be left for days on end in places with less than ideal security.

My main concern is how to attach the wings to the saw, but I'm also curious to know if non-Kapex saws can even mount on the cart (with or without a plywood "base").

One idea I had was to buy a section of MFT extrusion, saw a couple of short pieces of it and mount those to the saw - but that seems pretty brutal (and costly).

I wonder if there's any kind of adapter that someone makes / sells specifically for this purpose.

I'm sure someone here has done this and I'd appreciate any ideas / comments you'd like to share.