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Re: Mini Chaos Theory
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Great work there! Nice and organized.

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Re: Mini Chaos Theory
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The following is wayyyy off topic, even for me, but i discovered a problem when i went to Cochese's web site.  The following is mainly meant for Cochese.  It might be of interest to others as well.  The site police might want to put it into another space. 

@ Cochese   I Checked your site. Very interesting and i enjoy your comments.
I noticed you are having an ant problem. (Ant as in six legged wood eating as opposed to relatives)

We had an infestation of mice in our house about five years ago. I investigated electronic pest control devices and came across one that i ultimately discovered to do all it was claimed in the write-ups.
Google:  GoodLife Electronic Pest Controls
Look at Pest Repeller Ultimate AT 
Read what they say.  It is the sort of write up that one might say  "Unbelievable" and look for something else.
If so, you might not be inclined to read all of what i have found about the device

When I ordered, our house had suddenly become inundated with mice (an explanation available upon request).  I ordered three and place one in attic, one on living space and one in the cellar.  Within less than a week, all of the mice left for new territory.  I did not care where they went, so long as they were gone.  At the same time, i have a property in a neighboring town that i watch while owners are away. (weeks during summer and all winter from Labor Day until Memorial Day) their house had suddenly developed the same problem along with some of the mice's larger cousins.  They have a main house and a guest house.  I ordered six of the repellers for them and installed in appropriate locations.  That was five years ago and i have not seen any sign of a mouse in their house since.(or their relatives)

The side benefit for us was that not only did the mice leave home, but we have not had any ants or silver fish in the house for five years.  I see an occasional carpenter ant, but they seem to leave when they find out my Festoys are not suitable for their work.  we used to get tiny red ants every summer and those would get into anything edible and sweet.  They would even get into our honey jars ... as INSIDE OF.  Never again.  Not for five years now.
Every summer, i do not get down into my shop.  By time i start going there in the fall, i have to fight my way thru spider webs.  That has not happened since installing those electronic pest repellers.

We do get fruit flies in the fall, but not as many as in the past.  We seldom get awakened by any mosquitoes any more, but I can still hear the crickets and katydids all year round.  (I guess that requires a different sort of pest control which is waaayyyy to far off topic even for me to go into here.)

I don't know if these are all coincidences, but for whatever reason, we are totally satisfied with the results.  My customer is satisfied.  The add on the site indicates a life of three years.  The ones I installed are now five years and a few months old.  i am seeing some indications in our house that mabe some of the magic might be wearing off. I will order some before the season for the red ants as they have been the biggest problem in the past.  All three of the houses I installed in are small.  If you have a large house, perhaps you might want more.  They are cheap.

Wayne H. Tinker

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Re: Mini Chaos Theory
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Found it, thanks for the tip.

Interesting name for your shop by the way, my last name is 'gros' which equals 144.
I have 144 incorporated in my daily logo.