Author Topic: MFT crosscutting with bench dog: which dog do not hit the TSC55 motor?  (Read 1914 times)

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I am in the process of building a new workbench that I will also use as a crosscutting station. I might get the DashBoard rail hinge down the line but for now will use bench dogs and rail clips to position the guide rail. My question is this: which dogs are small enough so that the TSC55 motor/batteries do not hit them?

Here are some options:
- UJK Parf Super dogs: I already have one but can't test right now. They claim that it works for the motor of the TS55 but I think the TSC55 needs more space. Can anyone tell me whether it works?
- UJK 50MM GUIDE DOGS: Not sold in the U.S. I think but ships from axminstertools. I think it is 50mm over the work surface. No way to secure from below.
- DoubleGroove™ 20mm Close Fit Bench Dogs - Stubby Pair (sold by TSO). This certainly works BUT I would prefer dogs that work with chamfered 20mm holes. Otherwise the dogs interfere with the fence.

Any other options?

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I use the UJK dog rail clips with the TSO doublegroove stubby close fit and the batteries don’t hit them. The super dogs don’t work that’s why I had to buy the TSO stubby. 

Edit: I wish UJK did have a shorter super dog as I really like them. Maybe if enough people would ask they would.
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Any other options?

@GregorHochschild  - yes, Gregor,  there are other options depending on which country you are in?
I will look for your response, best by email to
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I am in the U.S. Thanks!

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I like the magnetic system from SauterShop:

They have all sorts of dogs for their Vario-Bench system, but these are only 11 mm high. Maybe they fit your needs.

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I was wondering how thick you can cut using the TSO stubby dogs and the rail clips? It seems it would be 25mm thick given they sit 30mm above the collar.

What are some options for cutting thicker stock with the TSC55?

Lucky I saw this thread as I’m looking to change over to the TSC and never considered this issue.


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I use the 50mm UJK bench dogs. With 16mm stock
 the battery will just clear the dogs. 15mm will hit them.
Hope this helps.
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You can use the tall dogs for thicker material. It's good to have a range of heights to use with guild rail's and UJK rail clips. It's a great system. I use the TSO dogs mainly.  I think I have all their size's.

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I do the same thing. The shorter TSO dogs for sheet goods and the taller dogs for thicker material. Beyond that, I just clamp directly to the material itself.
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Another option is something like Precision Rail Dogs, although I have them I am not a huge fan of using them for cutting as they must slide up and down which if the holes are tight can be a little bit of a struggle. I now use 5 of them for holding my fences though.