Author Topic: Video Series on installing Crown Molding: As easy as base molding, but more fun.  (Read 5459 times)

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Ron just uploaded a 6 part video series on installing crown molding. This series takes you from start to finish: accurate measuring, the tools, proper setup and installation. He shows you how to get professional results with some simple steps, and a few shop made jigs. With these techniques, crown is as easy to install as base molding. And he shows you that crown can be installed without a second carpenter, faster and easier.

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that's a good series.  i'm not in the trades and i only have to do crown molding in one room of my house, but i found a lot of good useful tips. very organized way of working that leads to high quality workmanship.  the dude looks like robert redford--i bet he has no trouble getting the ladies of the house to sign whatever quote he puts in front of them...

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I enjoyed the series. 


Weren't those nice smooth walls?  Seems like folks around here want their walls and ceilings to be reminiscent of the surface of the moon. 

I wonder about Senco batteries.  I've got a dead one too.

I've always wanted one of those tripod ladders.  Any down side? 

I've never spliced crown on the ground in advance.  I've always done splices right up on the wall.  And I cut the scarf as if I'm cutting a corner, upside down with a spring angle.  I like this way better.  I've got enough 1/4 ply scrap lying around right now to cut enough splice plates to last me the rest of my life. 

One thing about that nasty MDF molding, it's flexible.  You get that much bow cutting only 1/16" long?

I'm a little surprised the people wanted painted crown in that room. 

You know what?  I've never even tried to cope with a jigsaw.  First off, I've never had a good jigsaw.  I've watched it done and told myself I've got to try that.  Having waited I'm in a good position.  I can get a Carvex and have the convenience of popping on the Collins foot. 

I like the efficiency of Ron's miter stand.  I'm going to look into that.

I've never run a continuous backing strip.  I've always cut short pieces like 4" and put them up at intervals. 

I'm not a fan of crown molding.  It looks good but it's just too ordinary, too Home Depot.  Yet I put it up in four rooms of my own house including the living room.  Go figure.  The plain fact is that it has universal appeal.  But I wish people were more daring.  I wish they had a grander vision about what the style in their home might be.  Even a modest home, an older ranch from the 70's, has great potential.

Where's Ron's big square truck?  He backed a trailer up to the garage door.

The one thing we learn from history is that we never learn from history.

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Okay, I went and found the video series on the new trailer.  I'm finding that interesting as well.
The one thing we learn from history is that we never learn from history.

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Thanks for sharing.
Lots of useful tips.

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Great video! Just in time too. I have to install some crown next week. I ordered myself a pack of those hangers and the spring clamps you used at the outside miters. Cant wait to try them out!

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The spring clamps are "the bees knees" as they say.
Good video series,but I kinda expect that from him. And Peter ,
And erock. Well thought out videos from those peeps

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I'm a fan of Ron if there ever was one. I had a wreck in a work van in fall of 2013 and got online trying to get ideas for my work vehicle set up .....I ran across his ultimate work trailer videos and began to see Ron had good reasoning behind his ideas....setting up equiment for fast access, good work flow and effeciency. It opened up a new world of thinkng for me and reignited my passion for remodeling and finish carpentry. Now ,for example,my small pocket hole jig is mounted to a wide board so long pieces can be held stable to drill, and the bit and the driver are stored on the even has a handle cut out...the whole thing is 4ft long and slips in 2 brackets on my workbench that houses my paulk work bench in my trailer. I replicated his work trailer concept and it has been a ball. It is also one of my best marketing tools.  What is so cool about Ron is he knows exactly what he is doing and enjoys sharing it. His ideas are jobsite proven and he understands the value of precision and recognizes when precision starts turning into overkill.

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Ron is using his "total station".  He has a stand for his Kapek as a separate plan.  The total Station is wider and adds support for a portable table saw. 

I downloaded all these and will watch then again on the way home from a business trip.  Ron is good and I like his stuff.  I have three of his plans and will make some related pieces for my shop.  I wish he went faster at some points in the videos and slower in others but he clearly is providing information he's learned the hard way and doing it in an entertaining way.  I've done a bit of crown, several rooms but not an entire house.  I got better each room but can still learn from Ron.  I may have to do some stain grade crown when we do our kitchen and my skills aren't really up to stain grade at this point.