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Title: Anyone Running a Metris?
Post by: 3PedalMINI on December 12, 2017, 12:49 PM
Curious if anyone here is running a Metris? If so how do you have it set up? what options did you get?

After a year and a half dealing with my township I finally have approval to have a Metris as long as it lives in the garage after 5pm and on the weekends  [huh]

Some of you know I was forced to get rid of my high roof transit diesel after 6 months due to a BS township ordinance because someone complained. I had no choice but to get a F150 and have been struggling working out of it as an AV company. Now that they have been out for a year or so im hoping the kinks are worked out!
Title: Re: Anyone Running a Metris?
Post by: TSO Products on December 12, 2017, 01:13 PM
in case you were not at the September FESTOOL CONNECT in Lebanon, a German work vehicle upfit equipment supplier, BOTT   http://www.bott-group.com/vehicle-and-van-conversion-and-storage-equipment/index.html exhibited a Mercedes Metris outfitted for use specifically with FESTOOL products. I'm sure you can find particulars if ask Minnie Gleb at Festool USA.

The other source which might prove helpful is to ask for referals/referfences of Metris users is , of course, your nearby Mercedes Benz dealer.

Daimler is making a concerted effort to expand traction for its work vehicle product line in the US. Here Mercedes is known and perceived as a luxury brand, akin to the perception some have of FESTOOL as a luxury - without realizing that the companies earn their business primarily in the work-for-hire market. But perceptions don't change quickly. To that end I have heard that Mercedes may be planning work vehicle dealership facilities separate from cars. Not widely known in the US, Daimler AG is the worlds largest builder of trucks and work vehicles (think also FREIGHTLINER, THOMAS school buses and more)

All the best with your efforts in the new year!