Author Topic: Anyone have experience with the Cen-Tec Systems? Prices seem reasonable  (Read 2266 times)

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I have used them for years. Not only a great product and reasonable price and good people that stand behind there stuff. search using my name and you will see.  Its the best system I have found if you use other tools besides festool.  I have one hose covered with PET braided sleeve and one without for sanders. The braided sleeve is great for not snagging on corners but adds a lot of rigidity (depending on how tight) you stretch it. I have mine really tight. 

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I used their hoses and fittings for a few years before fully converting to Festool.  They do work quite well, and you can find long hose lengths if needed.  I couldn't always find just the larger hose port pieces individually, often bought them in a kit, which was a little annoying.  Highly recommended!

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I have one of those hoses in my shop in one of the drops from dust collector for quite a while now and works great.  I cut the hose down to manageable length (small shop).  I didn't like the click connectors as I would never use them so I epoxied them solid and kept the swivel.  The epoxy failed eventually so I cleaned, reapplied, and drilled and put in a couple of fat pop rivets and it's solid now ;)

The tool fitting end works great on Domino and sander where they go inside the fitting.  On the track saw where it goes inside it's kinda meh.  I started twisting it into the twist lock harder and it stays put better but is still not perfect.  Have to check/tighten periodically.  I also use it for my router table and it works great.

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I had one on my old shop-vac to convert the tool end for use with the DF500 and RO90 back in the old shop. It was fine, did everything I needed it to do. I got a C26 after the move to use with the tools, but I did get a new Cen Tec hose to attach to the router table. I just leave it connected all the time and swap the hoses at the CT end.
As a side note. They do have the ribbed connection, rather than the twist-lock type that the Festool hoses have. That may or may not matter to you.
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