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« on: December 11, 2016, 01:48 PM »
Hi all

Followed this site and its posts for a long, long time now and never joined or posted as you lots seem much more organised than myself, with your shops and van setups.

Non the less Ive had my transit Lwb done as best I could in my spare time, (Taking much of the ideas posted here) only to have someone destroy the side door and steal everything inside (luckily it was emptier than usual with tools already in the job).  I did have slam locks installed and I think the only difference it made was that the door itself took more damage when gaining access. I am just curious what extra locks or restraints you've installed, any super 100% secure ideas you could come up with. I already guess the first answer is going to be 'nothings 100%, with enough time. Its only a deterrent". Twice in 12 years isn't the end of the world. 1st was a different small van with no extra locks.

More details... why not. They got
26L Extractor
RTS 400

An a lot of non festool tools, paslode 1st an 2nd, impact, combi, grinders, laser etc

Wouldn't mind getting some ideas before I replace all this so please, anything?

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Re: Security
« Reply #1 on: December 11, 2016, 02:10 PM »
Sorry to hear this, Mark - I hate hearing about tools being stolen.
Tool insurance is cheap, down here, and gives me a bit of peace of mind.
Do you have an alarm on your van?

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Re: Security
« Reply #2 on: December 11, 2016, 02:13 PM »
@Mark in london - boy, do we ever feel for you! it has to be sooo disruptive to your work, financially you never recover fully regardless of insurance and that awful feeling  this invasion leaves you with - maybe the ugliest part of the whole thing.

as for prevention: we have followed some other contractor forums and saw accounts of losses similar to yours but no clear roadmaps to a solution.

As a result we are adding the SECURITY issue to a list of topics to be addressed by the new Work Van Upfit Taskforce  we are in the process of launching.We are getting together a list of mobile professionals who use Vans in their work with the aim of developing a set of criteria for a modular and flexible interior Van upfit - and now including security.
If you, or anyone else on the FOG would like to be included, drop us an email with SUBJECT "Van Task Force" and we will include you

Best wishes for a quick return to productive work!

BTW: - London - is that Ontario, Canada or England, or?

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Re: Security
« Reply #3 on: December 11, 2016, 04:02 PM »
Had insurance in the past, but they weaselled out saying tools had to be in a lock box bolted to the chassis. So never looked into it again. Im in London - England, it happened in Canary wharf. Yep insurance would be nice. The festool 3 years is good but most my bits are to old an not festool. The Kapex was in there but chained down (For once I will admit). Will be changing van in a month or so to a smaller transit and will think on some sort of locking in the racks as well.

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Re: Security
« Reply #4 on: December 11, 2016, 04:36 PM »
Hi @markinlondon, sorry to hear about your tools. The scum that steal tools are in my mind the lowest of the low along with kiddy fiddlers and should be treated the same!
My van (transit) was broken into about 2 years ago (no additional security at the time😬) and they stole about 5k worth of tools Without any damage or noise!
I was lucky in the fact that my tools were covered by insurance.
I use a company called Henry Seymore (based in West Wickham, Kent) and have a policy called Tradesman Saver which gives me all my public liability cover and tool cover (for a specified amount) including over night in the van.
Since my theft I contacted a vehicle security company that fitted additional locks everywhere, alarms and locked the Ecu inside a lock box (so it can't be hot wired).
They said that other than wiring the van up to the mains there wasn't really anything else I could do and hopefully they would leave it alone now 😕.
One thing the police said (which I hadn't thought of) was that unless you beef up your security they come back in a few months once they know you would have re stocked your tools and then steal them again!
Hope that helps.
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Re: Security
« Reply #5 on: December 11, 2016, 07:34 PM »
Sorry to hear about your van getting broken into mate, it seems transits are a prime target at the min, I have just upgraded my transit drivers door lock to a garrison upgraded lock which is unpickable as a first line of defence. as the latest thing the rouges use is a lock picking tool used by lock smiths which allows them to open the door in about a minute and in doing so this also opens the rear doors and disables the factory fitted alarm, they then recode a blank ford key by plugging a laptop in under your dash which disables the immobiliser and the can drive your van away the whole operation takes them 3-4 mins and they've got the lot this applies to all transit models inculding the newest ones. I know this as my mates van was done about a month back they cleaned the back out without any damage to the van and even locked it when they left! The police told him how it was done.
The garrison upgrade lock kit is about £100 and takes about 15mins to install which I think is well worth it.
 But at the end of the day if they want to be in they'll get in just have to deter and make it as hard as possible for them if they do attempt to break in.
Lots of the green stuff :))

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Re: Security
« Reply #6 on: December 11, 2016, 08:33 PM »
Getting robbed stinks.  I would find a way to keep a big and very angry dog in the van, or an armed apprentice.

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Re: Security
« Reply #7 on: December 12, 2016, 01:55 AM »
Hi Mark
these scum are the lowest of the low. With my van i have several additional features.
1. Steel bulkhead. Gives a tool area to secure separately
2. Additional slam locks. Slows the buggers down
3. Chain/lock high value to floor tie down eyes(kapex) or van structure (CMS)
4. Good quality alarm. additional 130 decibel siren in load area. at least you can deafen them
5. Motion detector that the house alarm picks up when parked outside
6. Motion lights and cctv. Cover parking space

If the worst happens
1. Picture of all tools, relevant serial numbers, purchase date and price.
2. Mark all tools. I engrave postcode on my tools. Not pretty but makes them a little less saleable
3. Tool insurance. hard to find a good one. most only cover 6am to 6pm.

Unfortunately if the buggers want it they will get it and in our current society its looked on as low level crime with little more than a smack on the wrist and community service as punishment despite the large sums of money and threat to livelihood. Just as bad in my opinion are those that buy the tools that are stolen. Been on site and heard blokes bragging about the bargain they just got. No box and no charger or accessories and cash, then its nicked!
It started with one little sander

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Re: Security
« Reply #8 on: December 12, 2016, 05:14 PM »
Thanks all, for the input. I have almost everything mentioned except an alarm and worst case the insurance. Will check out the insurance, an think on simple 2nd lock on the rack, purely to be inconvenient if someone getting in is short on time.
Thanks again everybody.

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Re: Security
« Reply #9 on: December 13, 2016, 02:04 PM »
Not sure if available in London area, but I've used a Dewalt MobileLock for years. It does cost me $20 per month, but well worth the peace of mind.  Very versatile and mobile, so I can use it on my trailer doors or individual tools.  I have it set up to send me a text if activated, however, you can set it up to sound alarm.  Also has live GPS tracking.  More info. is on their website if you do a Google search.  Good luck.

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Re: Security
« Reply #10 on: June 18, 2017, 02:34 PM »
I already posted this on the toolbox thread but it might just give a bit of useful information onto this thread.

The van is alarmed with a steel bulkhead to the back then the toolsafe is bolted down in the back.

Main one is the van, then there's a large toolsafe in it.
this is pretty much the van contents...

Everything in this stack in the centre of the photo fits into the toolsafe...

and this, although its my old van that I no longer have (sames true for the dog sadly) it shows the toolsafe.

That toolsafe holds a fairly serious amount of kit, its not always easy to get at but its always pretty secure, which matters a lot to me.