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Rob Cosman
« on: September 19, 2010, 09:46 PM »
Just an FYI, Rob Cosman will be at the Greensboro Woodcraft Store Saturday September 25th if interested.

We are pleased to announce Rob Cosman, ?Hand Tool Coach? and renowned craftsman, will be at the Greensboro Store for two seminars September 25, 2010.  Rob has been woodworking for most of his life.  He earned a B.S. in Furniture Design and has worked with the world?s best master craftsmen.
The Great Hand Plane Revival 8:30 am ? 12:30 pm:
Tune your old plane to perform better than new, learn freehand sharpening and other techniques to eliminate 80% of sanding.
Hand Cut Dovetails 1:30 pm ? 5:30 pm:
Four hours of in depth information and demonstration of hand cut and half blind dovetails.  Learn how to have flawless joints from ?Mr. Dovetail?.  Rob has taught thousands and he can teach you!

**Each session $75 or both $140

The Great Hand Plane Revival:

Bring your old Stanley, Bailey or Record plane and spend a morning with Rob learning how to convert that heirloom into the most efficient tool in your shop.  Rob will teach you his method of tuning old planes to perform like new.  Using what you already have in your shop the tuning process takes less than an hour.  Rob will teach you his method of freehand sharpening that once mastered, takes less than 60 seconds to go from dull to exceptionally sharp!  Rob will give you tips on how to properly use the hand plane to eliminate 80% of your sanding and the result will be a better surface in a fraction of the time.  He has traveled the world teaching his to thousands, let him teach you!

Dovetail Details:

Four hours of in-depth dovetail information and demonstration.  Rob will cover all the training exercises, tool tips and time tested techniques associated with hand cut dovetails.  You will learn how Bob cuts a thru dovetail with the speed and precision that has earned him the moniker ?Mr. Dovetail?!  Learn how to assemble right from the saw, no paring, no test fitting and a flawless joint every time.  He?s taught thousands, he can teach YOU!  As a bonus he will also demo and teach the half blind dovetail, the joint used at the front of the drawer.  Don?t miss your chance to learn from one of the best.  Come prepared, get and watch Rob?s DVD; ?Mastering the Dovetail Saw?, ?Hand Cut Dovetails? and ?Advanced Hand Cut Dovetails?.
4-hour seminar with limited hands on.  All skill levels are welcome and encouraged to attend. 

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