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Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: domino question
« Last post by Cheese on Yesterday at 01:14 PM »
That's a perfect application for the TSO Big Foot, but lay the board down to ease your pain.

Very nice work. I sure she appreciates it and will enjoy it for years to come
Ask Festool / Any Word On When End User Classes Will Start In LV
« Last post by jobsworth on Yesterday at 12:40 PM »
Been monitoring the Festool training site and I know they moved the LV facility but are now set up and have been set up for a while. I havent seen any classes being offered there. Same with Indiana.

Are they going to start offering classes soon?
Finishing and Painting / Re: Best Wood Filler
« Last post by jobsworth on Yesterday at 12:36 PM »
Its made by MoHawk Finishes. Dies very fast and is very strong. When I took one of their classes the Rep told us it can be used to repair screw holes in entry doors. Once it dries sand flush and its stronger than te base material, can be drilled and holds screws.

Plus it can be mixed and matched with other colors to match the color of the stain you are using.

Pretty good stuff.

I got a strike plate on my front door with a screw hole thats to big for the existing screw so Im going to use some to repair that.
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: domino question
« Last post by jobsworth on Yesterday at 12:26 PM »
If you have an MFT clamp the 2 pieces in a L configuration simular to a Dovetail jig and use through dominos looks pretty cool and fast and easy to do once ya get it down.
Other Tool Reviews / Re: Board Mill vice Slab Mill, What's The Difference?
« Last post by Bob D. on Yesterday at 12:22 PM »
Since the Board Mill is so new and not even in production yet all we have to go on is what's on their website and a YT video.
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: Domino XL minified
« Last post by jobsworth on Yesterday at 12:14 PM »

Please Let us know what happens when you contact Amazon. This really does affect all of us as we all order from Amazon and dont want this to happen to us. If it does happen to us whether is will be resolved favorably and make it right.

Good Luck

What appeals to me:
-- No contact necessary to trigger the safety system
-- No damage to the blade, looks like you can reset the system in a matter of seconds
-- I don't see a reason why the technology wouldn't eventually filter down to the Felder and Hammer lines
-- It's nice to see the finger-sensing technology in a sliding saw

That's very cool, appears to be a nice improvement over the Sawstop technology. 

I have a Sawstop PCS that I am very happy with.    I think it will be a while before this gets into the Felder and Hammer lines, but I do hope at some point this kind of technology will be in all table saws.   

Ask Festool / Re: Any more information about the Emerald Edition tools?
« Last post by camglegg on Yesterday at 11:28 AM »
I contacted Atlas Tools and Machinery to see about the Canadian distribution of this edition and this is what I got back:

"Thank you for reaching Atlas.

I can confirm that we will be taking part in the Emerald Edition Campaign, however the details of what kind of promotions/pricing you will see is still under wraps until its release here in Canada and I am unable to guarantee pricing with you at this moment in time.

Once they are released, they will be found on our website, and I am sure we will be sending out and email blast once available.

Feel free to reach out to us should you have any further questions or concerns, or contact our Festool Sales Staff here directly at the store.

We hope you have a great day,
Kind Regards,

So there you have it fellow Canadians. We should see pricing soon.
Other Tools & Accessories / Re: Right Angle Drill
« Last post by Michael Kellough on Yesterday at 11:09 AM »
“Milwaukee is actually a rebadged Sioux”

Yep, bought a Sioux in ‘82.
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