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Workshops and Mobile Vehicle-Based Shops / Re: Whats a good shop size?
« Last post by Alanbach on February 16, 2020, 11:20 PM »
A central can be use for larger structures where the air handler is suspended and really, there does not have to be much ducting or any ducting.  That would give maximum cooling.

I have a ten foot ceiling in my garage and an exterior wall so I had an A/C contractor hang a central A/C (with a small electric heating strip). The evaporator coil and air handler hang from the ceiling in the space just above the garage doors. There is a small plenum with one duct. It works amazingly well and I am in Houston where it is very common to have 5 months of 90 plus degree weather with dozens of those days potentially being 100 degrees plus.
Other Tools & Accessories / 20" or 24" planer - options are killing me!
« Last post by JonathanJung on February 16, 2020, 11:10 PM »
Looking to get a 20-24" planer. It will need to have or get a helical head as it will see semi-regular full width planing of slabs and resin of various species and grain. I really don't want to have to upgrade down the road, but my budget doesn't allow for a $10k machine.

I've considered getting an older Powermatic / Oliver and upgrading the head to a Byrd, but that could result in $4-5k invested into a 50 yr old machine.

Initially I'll be using a rotary phase converter / VFD to power it off 208v.

I'd get even wider if I could.


Would a 5hp 220v 20" with a helical head handle dense material planing at full width? Such as the Grizzly G1033x

Will I be able to run a 3ph off of 208v with a RPC or VFD?

Should I save for a new 24" or consider fixing up an oldie?
I know that feeling of.... ass dressed place to go now!
glad u vented here, it was the right thing to do...
Congrats to your wife, sounds well deserved and a great opportunity.
 thank you both for your service to our country....
General Friendly Chat / Re: Festool Hobbyists....What is your day job or business?
« Last post by WillB on February 16, 2020, 10:54 PM »
Retired Energy Engineer, always loved working with wood...
everything from cabinets, picture frames, built ins, closets...
I do a lot of experimenting with hand tools, not sure why, a curiousity I guess...
Love working with tools.... good way to stay active as u age, without hitting the gym... workshop hours add up fast and its a lot of lifting, bending, standing, grabbing, etc. 
General Friendly Chat / Re: Why the big tool sell off?
« Last post by WillB on February 16, 2020, 10:40 PM »
i am a tool hoarder for sure
and I have bought into the ONE TIME TOOLS by BCT and WPeckers. 
Better buy it, u only have one shot...but, many I never had time to use, time to learn, or just not a strong need for it, or never pursued the project I had in mind for them...
like others, space is always limmited, sell what I am not using, or have no plans in the recent future to use.
Festool How To... / Re: Kapex to Shop DC System
« Last post by ChuckM on February 16, 2020, 10:25 PM »

and  on keeping this thread on topic.

;D [big grin] [tongue]
Hand Tools / Re: Veritas Combo Plane -- A Workhorse with a Strong Showing
« Last post by ChuckM on February 16, 2020, 10:23 PM »
Hi Will,

It's hard to beat the router. If we're talking about small jobs, then I can reed or bead without test cuts, unlike using a router. There's little set-up time with the combo plane (assuming you use it often) as compared to installing a router bit, setting the depth of cut, fence, featherboard, etc.
Festool How To... / Re: Kapex to Shop DC System
« Last post by John Stevens on February 16, 2020, 10:06 PM »
Sorry for the fact that I'm rejecting the answers I've already seen about how much better it will be to get a Festool CT with 36mm. 
Congratulations, Jay,  on your new Kapex, on finding a good fitting among your spare parts, and  on keeping this thread on topic.

Hand Tools / Re: Veritas Combo Plane -- A Workhorse with a Strong Showing
« Last post by WillB on February 16, 2020, 10:02 PM »
Chuck, great info, thx for sharing with us....
of course, a router is the option for most people...
however, if you were to name a handful of benefits of the combo plane over a router, what profiles or finished profile would it be?  Lets put aside the joy of using hand tools, we all know that :)
I have been on the fence on this combo plane for some time.... primary use I had in mind, the multi reed blade...
If you run the grain vertically on the vertical panels for the drawer carcass (which is what I would do), you have no problem with cross-grain movement (all the wood is moving in the same direction). You can attach them to the desktop on the inside of the carcass with a couple of small right angle brackets, which you can easily make.

I suppose a really clever maker (with some long stock) would even glue up the parts so the grain ran consistently from left to right and then down the right side, under the bottom, and back up into the top.   [smile]

Thanks guys! That's exactly how I'm planning to make the drawer box! Didn't think to just use right angle brackets to attach the drawer box though, was planning on domino'ing and making it a lot more work than it needs to be!

EDIT: still curious on the best way to attach the panel to the legs....could go with a domino breadboard technique, but concerned the desk wouldn't be that rigid having dominos floating in oversized mortises?
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