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Member Projects / Rocking Horse
« Last post by JCLP on Yesterday at 02:42 PM »
Made one of these about 25 years ago for my niece and now her children are using it. So I thought, why not make another one. Used this project to fill in the time while I was waiting for paint or glue to dry.

Festool Tool Problems / Re: TS - 75 Saw Marks
« Last post by thetoolsmith on Yesterday at 02:41 PM »
Thanks for the response Tom,

Here's a little more info:

The blade is new: (HW 210x2,4 x 30 Z36 W)

Not sure how to specify the feed rate, the saw seemed to cut smoothly with very little load, although the noise was of some concern.  The sound of the motor seemed to change from a "smooth" sound (if that makes sense) to a more "rattled" sound, switching back and forth between the two.

My expectations were high, hoping for a nearly "jointable" edge. Unfortunately the images don't really show the entire issue, the saw marks can be felt when running your hands over them. At this point I'll need to run them through my jointer to clean them up.

Festool Tool Problems / Re: TS - 75 Saw Marks
« Last post by Tom Gensmer on Yesterday at 02:26 PM »
Helpful information for troubleshooting this would be:
-- Which blade you're using
-- Condition of blade (since the saw is brand new I assume the blade is as well)
-- Feed rate
-- Expectation of what the cut should be
Sales & Dealer Area / Re: Customer Service
« Last post by Alanbach on Yesterday at 02:20 PM »
I agree with Peter, Seth and Cheese. The one thing that I will say is that Festool has quite a large line of tools and an even larger compliment of accessories. My experience is that even the best dealers only have one or two sales people that know their line very well and you may not get one of those folks on the day that you walk in. The system approach that Festool takes is terrific but it requires a lot of knowledge and you won’t necessarily get that at every dealer. Doing your home work online here really helps to narrow it down before you walk into a retail Festool dealer.  Then once you have learned enough to lean towards a particular tool be sure to ask the folks here on this forum about their favorite, must have accessories (Festool and third party). This approach has saved me a lot of heartache.
Other Tools & Accessories / Re: Wera deals of the day at Amazon 2/21/20
« Last post by Alanbach on Yesterday at 02:10 PM »
Thank you Ron! Good catch. I had been looking to pick up that Tool check kit and this is the best price I have seen on it. Thanks again!
Festool Tools & Accessories / Festool Dominoes - CAD Models
« Last post by MarkProulx on Yesterday at 01:57 PM »
I've just finished building 3D CAD models of the various Dominoes as well as models of their "medium" and "wide" versions.  These can provide a convenient way to add mortises to project models (by importing them, positioning them in the desired location, then removing them from the parent part via a Boolean operation).

I'm happy to make these available (as .stp files) to anyone who wants them.  Does anyone think that these would be generally useful?  If so, what would be the best way to make them accessible?
Festool Tool Problems / TS - 75 Saw Marks
« Last post by thetoolsmith on Yesterday at 01:51 PM »

I just purchased a TS 75 and spent the early morning reading the manual and adjusting the saw to fit tightly on the guide rail.  I've enclosed images of what I would consider not acceptable saw marks left after the first several cuts I made on an 1 1/2" thick maple table top.

Any suggestions for things I can check or is this "normal".





Workshops and Mobile Vehicle-Based Shops / Smell, smoke and sparks!
« Last post by ChuckM on Yesterday at 01:35 PM »
As I was making some final cuts for the deflector wedges on the table saw (, a strong smoky smell was sensed, which eventually triggered the smoke alarm in my shop.

The plug on the IVAC auto switch and the connector on the electrical cord burned and melt! I believe I had not pushed the plug completely into the connector, causing sparks and a small fire on the cord. Lucky me (though I had a fire extinguisher nearby but did not need to use it)! I saw other posts mentioning about loose connections with the domino joiner or tools could result in damage to the machines, but did not realize a loose connection in the cord could have such risks.

The IVAC switch was not damaged, and the fuse breaker in it wasn't even triggered.

Interestingly, the neutral pin came off, not the hot one. Why was that?
Other Tools & Accessories / Wera deals of the day at Amazon 2/21/20
« Last post by rvieceli on Yesterday at 12:59 PM »
A few Wera deals at Amazon today

Haven’t checked prices at other sources on everything but they seem decent

Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: What Festool Did You buy Today?
« Last post by FestitaMakool on Yesterday at 12:48 PM »
Probably will follow soon with the SYS3 ORG
Actually, the very last one M size I bought from a Swedish dealer, I noticed these lying in a pile on the floor - asked if these were meant for the new SYS3 ORG M and L
They didn’t even think of suggesting them to me when I had picked all the insert sizes and their last M size case.. sooo.. maybe their meant “to be discovered”  [big grin]
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