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Member Projects / Re: My new dining table with matching benches
« Last post by Birdhunter on Yesterday at 12:40 PM »
Peter, very nice work!

Question, why did you use biscuits and not Domino tenons?
Member Projects / Re: My new dining table with matching benches
« Last post by jobsworth on Yesterday at 12:20 PM »
Great job Peter,

 I can visualize you siting there and enjoying a nice hotdog with mustard  [big grin]
Ask Festool / Re: Df500 connection system 16mm board
« Last post by Cheese on Yesterday at 09:37 AM »
Do you set (expand) the fitting by tightening the hex stud prior to joining with the other piece of wood or do you just tighten the screw?

Looks like tightening the screw would tug the hex stud as the screw tries to get to the bottom of the depression in the stud but that seems a pretty indirect and weak way to set the fitting’s wings.

@Michael Kellough I'm not using the expandable connectors in this application. I'm using the KV-LR32 connector to attach face frames that may need to be removed for access in the future.

Great setup! A Shaper Origin file of this would be a hit for sure!

Ask Festool / Re: VAC SYS coupling/connector and hose
« Last post by rst on Yesterday at 08:42 AM »
drdabrown, I have one of the hoses Cheese mentions that I would sell if you are interested.
Member Projects / Re: My new dining table with matching benches
« Last post by Sparktrician on Yesterday at 08:00 AM »
Very nicely done, Peter!   [smile]
Member Projects / Re: My new dining table with matching benches
« Last post by Peter Parfitt on Yesterday at 03:56 AM »
Hi Peter

I have just begun watching the video - looking great as always. I got to the part where you are biscuiting the table top for alignment. I need to ask whether the slots are near the top or at the bottom of the edges? The best place to site them is at the lower end as the slots have a reported tendency to telegraph through when close to the upper surface. (I have very rarely biscuited a panel as I finish with handplanes).

Regards from Perth


Hi Derek

The biscuits are about 15 mm below the top surface. They are only there to aid alignment during glue up and will have no significant role after that. They must go in dry (no glue) otherwise they can force the two parts to separate during normal expansion and contraction.


Very neat Seth!

Your stick propping up the lid reminds me of the time (Warning! Way off topic) James Brown’s Cadillac stretch limo pulled up to the entrance of the National Video Building in midtown Manhattan. I was visiting my wife at work. MTV had studios in the same building and the King Of Soul was booked.

As I checked out the hot tub in the back of the limo one of the Mr. Brown’s assistants came out to get something from the trunk. He held the lid up with one hand then reached in with the other and pulled out a chartreuse shag covered 2x4 and propped the lid up for good.

Maybe I could use some orange felt covering for the prop stick?  [big grin]

Festool How To... / Re: How Do I Make an Angled Dado?
« Last post by SRSemenza on Yesterday at 01:48 AM »
Wouldn't this be a great application for a domino? Not to route the mortise obviously but to make angled joints in general.

I think the problem would be that it is a 3/8" thick panel. So even with 4mm dominos that would only leave about 2.5mm on each side. Maybe OK for some things but maybe not for legs?

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