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Classifieds / FS: Festool Router bits
« Last post by Rich Kline on Today at 03:00 PM »

Any interested in two old (but unused) 8mm router bits?  One is even in Festo packaging.

Shipping will be ~$10, please message me a price over that...

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That's a spiral upcut bit

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That's a finger joint bit


Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: Saw stop
« Last post by miclee15 on Today at 03:00 PM »
Since Saw Stop is now part of the Festool family, wouldn't be a good idea to have a Saw Stop sub forum?

I think so, especially since I just purchased a PCS and I think there are a lot of sawstop owners on the FOG.


I would agree, the most active is the group on Facebook, which I don't like (FaceBook) and just use for the SawStop Forum.
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: Calling all experienced Domino users
« Last post by RKA on Today at 02:21 PM »
27mm is fine (and it's the only one that will fit). 
It is possible to make your own clamps. I made a pair from a couple DeWalt squeeze clamps I had. Just cut the end of the bar off and welded it perpendicular to the end of the remaining bar. I had to do some very minor fitting to reduce the width of the bar to slide smoothly in the track. I did this with a smooth cut hand file and only removed maybe a mm or two. I posted something about this a couple years ago with photos. I will see if I can find the post and link to it here.

Edit(2nd attempt): I found the photos from when I made the clamps. I used some DeWalt small trigger clamps which I cut the end off and welded it back perpendicular to the clamp so it would run in the track. Required only slight adjustment in width to slide smoothly in the saw track. It also fits nicely in standard T-track.

The advantages are they are much smaller than the DeWalt clamps (see next to last photo for comparison next to a DeWalt track clamp) so they travel better since you can pack a pair in the box with the DeWalt TS but still have enough capacity (just shy of 6 inches) to handle most jobs plus for the cost of a inexpensive squeeze clamp and a couple minutes time you have a very serviceable track clamp for less than $6 each.

I did a similar thing with some Quick-Grip clamps. I saw the idea on the internet. In my case your heated and bent the clamp bar 90 degrees and filed it a bit to fit the track. Made a set of 4 - very handy!

I've been stuck with mounting plates that had the holes for wood screws, but the carcases came drilled for 5mm mounting screws. It's really easy to just drill out the plates with a 5mm drill bit. I suppose you could make a jig for the drill press, but I just set up a couple of stops on a board and used a drill to bore out the holes. Had a whole kitchen's worth of hinges done in well under an hour.
The main benefit of the Festool (screw) clamps is that they’re compact.
The guy in the video is using a shaper.  [wink]
Member Projects / Re: I need an advice
« Last post by JimD on Today at 12:47 PM »
Very nice!!!  In addition to great workmanship I really enjoy the opportunity to see how it is done in different parts of the world. 
Member Projects / Re: Another Grandchild, Another Crib
« Last post by JimD on Today at 12:40 PM »

I did not even look for what I think of as a normal mattress support - steel with springs.  The Wood plans included a comment that they had not been able to find that part so they had a sketch for a wooden platform of 3/4 plywood with a hardwood edge.  I had more 1/2 than 3/4 plywood laying around so I used that.  I rabbeted the top edge of the hardwood frame and threw in a center support.  I am confident that it will support my grandson as long as he fits into the bed.  The hardwood I had dressed to 7/8 inch so the frame is also fairly stout.  I think the edging is 2 inches high.  I mitered the corners and put it together with a plugged screw in each corner and to attach the center support (finish is white tinted Resisthane and yet to be applied). 

Threaded inserts would be a lot simpler.  The plans used those for the mattress support attachment but the cross bolts for the headboard/footboard attachment to the cross rails.  I will do something different if I build another crib.  It was too hard to align holes on the finished parts.  I think bed rail fasteners might also work.

Classifieds / WTB: Festool HKC 55
« Last post by Climber39 on Today at 12:29 PM »
Looking for a Festoo HKC55 in "like new" condition, with both batteries,  charger, and track.  Not interested in buying tool only,  or with only one battery, or without the guide rail. And I don't want to buy one that's beaten up. Thanks

I'm in Birmingham, AL.  Local pickup would be great,  but I don't mind paying shipping.
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