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Do you have any photos.  Not clear on your challenge.
Other Tools & Accessories / Re: The Paint Line Pro Drying Rack
« Last post by usernumber1 on Today at 02:46 PM »
was trying to find some info online but few videos. I found this July 2022 review from a pro painter in Canada. He shows actual usage unlike the website. He mentioned they purchased 12 bags of erectarack? I guess that's good endorsement

I think the other system doorrackpainter allows to paint both sides. I can't see erectarack do the same or maybe I missed something

So i have been assigned to figure out how we are going to fasten copper rods to the out door patio hand rails the gaps are to wide open and go against code. the home owners do not want mess or anything but copper rods running horizontal. I was thinking of routering a channel for the rods to sit in flush with the face of the boards then router a space for   1/4 pipe brackets and use that to attach the wood. then take a piece of wood to cover the brackets. any other ideas? [ Attachment Invalid Or Does Not Exist ]
Member Projects / Re: Roubo'ish bench
« Last post by smorgasbord on Today at 02:05 PM »
Where are you sourcing your square dogs from? I built a bench 30+ years ago with square dog holes and didn't get enough dogs. I've been thinking I'll need to make them from some hard wood, maybe on my CNC.

BTW, 30 years ago the round dog hole thing was just getting underway. Conventional wisdom at the time was that the round holes would wear (elongate) more quickly. As it was, some couple hundred year old benches with square holes had a lot of wear. But I guess the fashion today is MDF tops that get replaced relatively frequently since people even cut into them!
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: What do you think
« Last post by chiudesign on Today at 01:14 PM »
I want this saw so badly. There are so many options for mini table saws with sliding arms in the UK and AU.
I wonder if they will do a Router table in a Systainer format.
Ask Festool / Re: Festool Recon Topic (compiled)
« Last post by GoingMyWay on Today at 01:13 PM »
Cordless delta sander DTSC 400 Li 3,1 I-Set is currently up.
Member Projects / Re: Roubo'ish bench
« Last post by DynaGlide on Today at 12:32 PM »

P.S. Great to see that new plane being put through its paces. Nice feeling isn't it? Making wood curls.  [smile]

Yeah it's really satisfying. I already dinged the wooden handle on the front by dropping something on it too. I'm looking forward to doing more hand planing tasks when the bench is done.
Member Projects / Re: Roubo'ish bench
« Last post by hdv on Today at 12:15 PM »
It looks like your bench is coming along just nicely.  [thumbs up]  You are wise not to get too worked up about imperfections. No one will probably even notice, but you (that's the bane of all woodworkers/perfectionists  [wink] ). Besides, after a few months of use, the wear will camouflage much of those anyway. In the end it is a bench for woodworking, not for show.

P.S. Great to see that new plane being put through its paces. Nice feeling isn't it? Making wood curls.  [smile]
Great idea, Cheesy One!  It looks like you embedded the magnets in the fence and the movable surface of the adjuster.  Epoxy to set them?  And where did you find the stainless rod material?  I've been dithering with the same space conundrum and was planning on using all-thread, but your methodology is so much more clever.  Well done!   [smile]   And by the way, where did you get the vacuum elbow?  I've been using a radiator hose sized to accept the extractor hose end fitting.

Thanks Sparky...I'll give you a quick rundown on your questions and offer a couple of tips that I learned in the process.

I started with disassembling the Micro Adjust and reassembling it with the pre-drilled holes in the movable surface in the upper position.

That then allowed me to use the Micro Adjust and a transfer punch to locate the magnet retaining holes on the wall of the fence housing. Lika this...

The magnets were installed with #8 fasteners. This 1/4" bit and the ratchet wrench are a MUST. It'll never happen otherwise, because the magnets are so strong they attract everything within 2" of them.

The movable surface on the Micro Adjust is drilled out with a GOOD 1/2" drill bit and the magnets are pressed into the aluminum. I did the drilling in about 6 steps so to take just a little bit at a time and to prevent the bit from grabbing.

The 440C stainless was chosen because it retains 80-85% of the magnetic properties of cold rolled or hot rolled steel, and it still has the majority of the virtues of SST. I ordered both 3/8" & 1/2" round but used the 1/2" because it really holds on well through the aluminum casting.

The rear dust collection fitting is a standard Festool 450575 but massaged with a band saw. Festool Ekat USA doesn't offer the fitting but if you call Festool Service they'll sell you one. The extra port was removed and 1 1/4" was removed from the large end. Then that opening had to opened up a bit with a sanding drum in a drill press. Add a little aluminum HVAC tape to the opening.

Ask Festool / Re: Festool Recon Topic (compiled)
« Last post by GoingMyWay on Today at 11:19 AM »
Dust Extractor CT SYS CLEANTEC just posted.  Here's the update queue:

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