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General Friendly Chat / Blade cleaning
« Last post by bobtskutter on Today at 04:05 PM »
Just thought I'd share a quick message about using Lidl (UK  supermarket) Kitchen Degreaser to clean saw blades, works a charm.
I'd got the blade rather mucky from cutting lots of plywood that was stacked up (55mm deep), spray the stuff on the blade, use a toothbrush and the dirt was gone.  Just wish I'd taken some before and after pictures.
Other Tools & Accessories / Re: Woodpecker Holes and DeWalt
« Last post by Bob D. on Today at 03:52 PM »
Kind of ironic that Birdhunter has a bird damage problem...

Remington and Baretta both make a cure for that.

I prefer the AL391. :-)
Other Tools & Accessories / Re: Goliath to slay Shaper Origin ?
« Last post by Bob D. on Today at 03:47 PM »
Sounds a lot like the Znaps scam that ran on there a couple years ago. They kept pushing the launch date and never delivered anything.

Festool Tool Problems / Re: Festool ro 150 feq losing power
« Last post by Alfaepoxy on Today at 03:43 PM »
These are the pictures or rotor and receptor. Does it look bad?
Tried turning it on without back plastic and rotor sparks a bit? Guessing that's not normal
Other Tools & Accessories / Re: drill press??
« Last post by Bob D. on Today at 03:33 PM »
Can't speak to the Viking as I have not seen it in person but it would be worth a hard look I think.

Compared to the Voyager it is a lot less money. There is a floor model of the Viking if you weren't aware.

Viking has most of the features of the Voyager, but also has a laser guide and a work light built in which
the Voyager that costs ~$800US more than the Viking does not have.

Auto stop on set depth, auto start, 1HP direct drive and no belts for speed changes. It is an upgrade over a belt drive DP.

The Voyager is big. It will take up some  floor space. For me it is about twice as much as my old Craftsman 15-1/2" DP.
The table at 16 x 16 inches is about 8 inches wider than my old DP. The base is ~17"x22". The table and the base on the Viking floor model appear to be smaller. And for the benchtop model of course that's a different animal.

I wouldn't say my search was 100% conclusive. It came up with two German store sites that had that number coupled to the HKC in the search results. When following the links I was only taken to the store site not a product page.

Thanks Seth.  I did search for it, but nothing came up.
Google search for the number seems to suggest it is for the HKC. Is it a small block with a 'U' shaped cutout?  If so it attaches to the lid and closes on the saw handle.


I have a small foam insert that was part of the hkc55 or drill/driver systainer.  They are both foam so it has to come from one of them. 
Don't know which one or what fits in it.  Any suggestions on which one it goes to and what it is for.
Other Tools & Accessories / Re: Goliath to slay Shaper Origin ?
« Last post by rmhinden on Today at 01:54 PM »
I looked at the kickstarter page for Goliath CNC.  It appears that they are just about to shop the first set of units.   Much later than the August/September 2018 original dates.

The other thing I noticed is that they have their own design software, the reason for this as shown in the FAQ is:

"We do not suggest to use a G-code generated from other CAM software because it will not take into account the wheels position to create the path of the robot. This may cause the machine falling into pockets or moves on the already carved surface. For this reason, we are developing our own CAM software."

This seems like a significant limitation to me for this product.   

I suppose the Shaper Origin could have the same issue for some designs, but it has a wide base that may make this it a minor problem, unlike the Goliath wheels.   Clearly an area where a gantry style CNC has an advantage.

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