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Member Projects / Re: Radius TV console
« Last post by Crazyraceguy on Today at 08:08 PM »
How big is this unit expected to be? Your concept drawings give no indication of size.
There is some pretty cool hardware out there from manufacturers like Blum. They have things that pivot and some that lift like a parallelogram, where the door stays vertical. I'm not sure how they would work with curved doors, but there has to be a way.
They are called Aventos, and there are quite a few different models and weight rating ranges for the doors. You have to be careful and very detail oriented when searching this stuff out.
Member Projects / Re: Big reception desk
« Last post by Crazyraceguy on Today at 07:55 PM »
I really have no idea why the extra depth? Usually the only time a top is that deep is when it goes all the way to the outside of the wall. Like in a situation where the raised transaction top area is not continuous.
That unit ended up taking almost 7 sheets of Corian.

The one I started yesterday, after taking that down, goes to the same facility, so it uses the same colors/materials, but looks very different. It is a big radius, with only a small raised center section.
It should be pretty well done by the end of the day tomorrow, assuming I get to stay on it.
Other Tools & Accessories / Re: Ultimate Dust Deputy Liners
« Last post by derekcohen on Today at 07:51 PM »
This is most likely not going to help, but I use these bags, which are available locally .. but may be international. I spent some time looking, with some frustration, and finally found these …

They are a very good fit - a little tight around the circumference, but that is a good thing as they stretch to fit tightly at this point.

Regards from Perth


This should work......
sure enough - i was just afraid to use force!

Member Projects / Re: H&K Custom Barn Doors
« Last post by TXFIVEO on Today at 06:44 PM »
Thank you for the kind words.  It’s been a blast working on custom designs that clients send to me.  Almost doesn’t feel like work!   [eek]
Ok will try 40 mm and straight bit
Will give you feedback
Other Tools & Accessories / Ultimate Dust Deputy Liners
« Last post by Pizza Steve on Today at 06:28 PM »
Can anyone recommend Ultimate Dust Deputy liner bags that are different than the OEM version?  Haven't quite found an acceptably performing, but cheaper, plastic liner for my UDD.

I've considered an e-assist bike to commute because we live in a valley and I've tried to climb out of it on my old Schwinn 3-speed.  Aside from the fact that the bike isn't designed as a commuter (too hig of a low gear, too low of a high gear), making that climb every day turns me off of the idea of commuting on a regular bike every day.

And so I stick to my car, because it's just more convenient and weather-resistant than any other option, and car seats don't mix well with any of the other options well enough to completely get rid of a car.

How is the rise of ebikes disturbing? The improvement for the environment of someone switching from car to eBike is way bigger than someone switching a SUV for an heavier SUV with battery...

Not everyone is going 25 + MPH with them. The limit here is 25 km/h for the common eletric assist bicycle without license plate, 45 km/h with license plate. No plugging in every night because the common 500 Wh battery will easily last 100-200 km... And yes, that capacity is 1/160th of a Tesla Model 3 battery that will only go twice as far...
not to mention the amount of resources for making a Tesla vs bike....

I don't really care for the 25 km/h ebikes. I usually ride just a bit faster on a bicycle without e-assist, so it would be death weight for me. I don't want the 45 km/h version because of the helmet and license plate.

Because there isn't a limit on them here. Also a lot of them work without the person pedaling, so they are just using them as small electric motorcycles.  Some bike shops won't sell models that will run without pedaling, but plenty of places will.  So now you have a person going car speeds on sidewalks.  There is no helmet license laws for them.

In the end, his post sums up the situation for a lot of folks.  The idea of commuting on a bike sounds good. But so few could ever make it happen.

1) Commute is too long
2) They would have to travel on roads, as dedicated bike paths are very rare, even in most major cities.
3) If you have to go on a road, death is pretty much certain before long.
4) Climate/Weather.  There is only a narrow band across the US where it just isn't way to hot most the time, or way too cold most the time.  Very little of the US has a climate like Netherlands.  No one wants to be bundled up for 0F and in a snow storm commuting on a bike, No one wants to ride a bike to work when it's in the upper 70s and beyond, and the south of this country is more like 80-105F most the time.  Then you also have stuff like rain too.   When you find that happy zone, there is not a lot of cities in that zone.

In the end, bikes only work in a few limited places.  San Francisco, Portland, Seattle and a few others scattered in the west. Maybe some places in Kentucky and Virginia,  Hawaii .

If you can't commute on it all the time, the money to be spent on the bike is better put towards a basic car.

It's a great idea, but in the end, it just doesn't work here. The places it does, do have a lot of bike usage.
Bosch also uses a 27mm fitting and even sells a 27mm hose almost the same as the CT15 comes with. Might it just require a little more force to push it on?
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