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Thanks Paul.  I made a little more progress yesterday.  Pretty sure part of my problem is technique.  I don't have any DC issues with the vertical base.  It is only on the horizontal base.  My first test with 1/2" oak was quite messy but yesterday I did 1/4 maple and things were much cleaner.  I am using the initial bit (5/8" cutter, 491666) now.  I have not done your mod to allow more cutter length.  Are you using a longer bit and your mod'd base ?

Yes, the down-spiral is pretty long... I need a shorter one for the 700 tbh, but it was a bit I had purchased for the 1400. That Festool cutter you are using looks like a straight bit. The down-spiral I'm using will tend to slice material off and push it away from the router body. That may be helping. And, yes, I'm using my modded 0º base (only 0º I have). The extra bit clearance is useful for a couple other spirals I use, but this one does just fit.
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: Sanders, which one should I keep
« Last post by Alex on Today at 02:14 AM »
Unless you're strapped for money, keep them.
When it comes to tools, for me, I think it’s a lot easier to convince myself to keep tools than to buy new ones.

For example, when I am installing doors I am using 2-3 drills. Now it would be hard to convince me to buy another drill just because I am tired to swapping bits on the drills. But since over the years I have amassed a couple drills I can justify keeping them because I can find them extremely useful on projects.

Same principle with sanders. You might not be able to convince yourself to buy a brand new sander for a small project. But since you already have them it can make many projects easier. The rotex can power through the first sand, the ets can clean it up and the delta can finish it. They all have such different applications they will all be useful in different scenarios.

That’s my $.02 anyway. I have an excess of 2nd and 3rd tools though so maybe I’m biased.
Festool Tools & Accessories / Sanders, which one should I keep
« Last post by WAKA2020 on Today at 01:16 AM »
The home workshop, not a pro.
Have three sanders on hand, ETS EC 125, RO 125 and RTSC400, just light sander job, no large material remove need not even in the future. 
Should I keep three of them, or just ETS EC WITH RTSC or RO125 with RTSC?
or what do you think?
Now I see what you meant. So far I haven't had any issue on that. If one day the board is worn, I'll use the other holes or cut a new sheet. Not too often do I build something that has more than one or two shelves.
Chuck M--This is the creep of which I spoke:  "The holes in your template will become enlarged after repeated use, so if do [sic] a lot of drilling for shelf pins, you may want to consider purchasing a jig such as a Veritas Shelf Drilling Jig."

That Veritas jig shows $145.50 on Lee Valley.  It doesn't look like it helps align drawer hardware, though.  While cheaper than the LR-32 system, it's comparable to the price of the new WP complete shelf/drawer jig set (that includes a Whiteside 5mm upcut spiral bit and a 1/4 inch drill bit).
Festool Jigs & Tool Enhancements / Re: MFT Rip Fence
« Last post by RightAngleDesign on Yesterday at 09:51 PM »
Here we go again! Thanks to everyone for the advice. I don't have an in-use photo with the rail installed and an actual workpiece in process, but that will be available soon.
Festool Jigs & Tool Enhancements / Re: MFT Rip Fence
« Last post by Bob D. on Yesterday at 09:34 PM »
I've been using this image resizer for years. Works great and mimics the old MS Image REsizer Power Toy from years ago with all the same features and ease of use.

Once you try it I doubt you'll  want anything else. No connection just a happy user for over 8 years. Never once had a problem on any of my desktop or laptop PCs.

I use it all the time to batch resize images I post here or send in emails.
Festool Jigs & Tool Enhancements / Re: MFT Rip Fence
« Last post by ChuckM on Yesterday at 09:25 PM »
Don't listen to what the Festool system says about file sizes. Even a 2MB file upload could fail if you have 2 or 3 attachments. I use this to compress files: 

Very easy to use: Once installed, select files you want to compress and right click to open the Pixillion application (a pop-up screen asks you to confirm it's for personal use or something like that), then convert all the files (one at a time).
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