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Photo Tutorial: Uploading Images to Gallery
« on: February 25, 2007, 04:27 PM »
Uploading Images to Gallery

Since adding an image to your post is so easy, why not use this method all the time?   While adding images to your posts is quick and easy, it has a couple of limitations.  First, you may be limited in the number of images in a single post.   Second, the images go at the end.   If you are trying to explain a process that might not work well for you.   To clearly describe a process it's better to place the image in the text flow rather than at the end Additionally, if you add the same image to different posts that uses server resources.  Not a big deal to you, but if everyone does it, it could become a problem.

Using an image that is located elsewhere with an inline tag is a bit more work, but resolves these issue.   If it's an image off a commercial website, like a product image, then it's very easy.   For example, here's the new FastFix Depth Stop chuck using the img tags:
Total time to insert the image?  About 15 seconds including finding the image on the Festool site!  Quick and easy.

Oh?  Pardon me?   You want to post your OWN images?  Hmmm...  Well, that's a bit more work.     

The trick is loading the image into the FOG forum gallery.   When this was discussed, I could not for the life of me understand why ANYONE would want to post an image in the Gallery.   Now I understand the benefit.  First you upload your image to the gallery.  Then, you click on it, get the URL address, and simply use it in your posts!   Simple, easy, and effective.

The process is two parts - first upload and then reference.   

Uploading your image to the FOG Gallery:

1) Navigate to your Gallery. 

2) At the bottom of your Gallery, click "Add a picture".   The "Add Picture" window pops up:

3) At the bottom of the "Add Picture" window, click the "Browse..." button select a pic.

4) Add a Title, Description, Keywords, and decide if you want to "Allow comments to be posted on this picture."

5) Click the "Add Picture" button.  This uploads your pic to the gallery.

OK, you're done with this part!
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