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Important - Each colored section title below is a hyperlink.  Click the Section Title to jump to that tutorial section.

This is the Photo Tutorials table of contents.  It provides a brief summary of the tutorial sections and allows you to quickly navigate to the correct section.  To start, you may want to read each section.  Later, you can quickly navigate to a particular section to review a "how-to" step. 

These Photo Tutorials cover the basics of taking taking good photos for forum upload, editing and downsizing them for this forum, and adding to your posts or referencing them in the photo Gallery.  The tools to do this are at least a small digicam, a copy of PhotoShop Elements, IrfanView, GIMP, or ImageMagick plus your imagination.   

Remember, the difficult part is over - you have something that you want to share.   It may be pics of your shop or latest project, a really cool jig that you built, or maybe a great tool you found one the web that's useful to other Festoolians.   After reading these tutorials, you'll see how easy it is to get better pics, make them look good and small enough for the forum, and how quickly you can get them up here.

I hope you find this tutorial useful.   Have fun and show us your pics!!!   ;D


As with any forum, the FOG forum has rules for uploading attachments to posts and to the Gallery.

FOG Forum File Size Limits
Current file size limits for images and other files.

A series of tutorials about capturing a high quality original image.  The focus (pardon the pun) is on "Product Photography" - getting the best shots of tools, accessories, jigs, work techniques, and the work itself.   
Single Light Small Product Photography Tutorial  (by johne)
An overview showing how to take great product shots using a simple, inexpensive setup and good technique.


Before you can upload an image to the forum, it needs to the right file type and small enough.   These tutorials cover the last few steps to reduce the size of an image uploading to a forum.  They cover:

  • Image file basics and the general process of downsizing
  • Downsizing in PhotoShop Elements
  • Downsizing in IrfanView
  • Downsizing Images in GIMP
  • The basics of ImageMagick
  • Choosing between PhotoShop Elements and IrfanView

Image File Basics - Type, Size and Key Steps to Reducing File Size
An overview of images - the types of images files, what affects file size, and key steps to reducing file size.

Downsizing Images in PhotoShop Elements
A description of how to downsize images using PhotoShop Elements V5.0.

Downsizing Images in IrfanView
A description of how to downsize images using IrfanView V3.99.

Downsizing Images in GIMP (by Dan Lyke)
A description of how to downsize images using GIMP.   GIMP is a free and open source image editing program which is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

The basics of ImageMagick (by Dan Lyke)
ImageMagick is an Open Source, free suite of batch mode image manipulation tools.

PhotoShop Elements Vs IrfanView - Which is better?
Which is better - PhotoShop Elements or Irfanview?   A brief summary of the plusses and minuses of each to help you choose.

You've taken that great shot, post-processed the heck out of it to make it immortal, resized it to make it immortal in a smaller format, and now you're ready to share your immortal creation with the world.  There are two ways of sharing your images (or using an image on another):

  • Using the "Insert Inline Image Feature..."
  • Uploading your image using the FOG "Additional Options..." function.
  • Referencing an image using an "Img" tag

The first is the very flexible and allows you to quickly insert an image with your text for a single post.   The second is easier - you just upload an image with your post in a single step.  The third is a bit more work, but is more flexible - you add your image to the Gallery, another website or a photo-sharing service (like SmugMug or pBase), and then can reference it multiple times using an "Img" tag.

Using the "Insert Inline Image Feature..."
The forum now allows members to attach files inline in their posts by using the "Insert Inline Image..." pull-down menu.  With this new feature, images, links to images, or links to files can appear neatly in the text of your posts.

Adding Images to Posts using "Additional Options..."
All I want to do is do is quickly add an image to my post.   Here's the quick "how-to".

Using "Img" Tags to Include Pics in Posts
I want to include an image in my post that resides on another website or in the Gallery.  This is the one.

Uploading Images to Gallery
I want to add an image to the Gallery, but don't know how.   Jump in and find out how.
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Re: Forum Photo Tutorials (Table of Contents)
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Thank you so much for doing this photo tutorial!

Just so everyone knows, Dan has put a tremendous amount of work into developing a thorough photo tutorial.  He and I have been communicating off-line about a lot of the details.  He is a busy professional, but he has found the time to put great thought and care into making sure this tutorial is something that will help members of this forum. 

Dan's efforts are a great example of the way the Festool Owners Group was envisioned right from the start: member involvement is crucial to the very foundation and structure.  It's the joinery of the forum!  It's what makes the forum esthetically pleasing as well!

Once again, thank you Dan for all your hard work.

I'm looking forward to seeing the full tutorial up and running!

Matthew Schenker
FOG Designer and Creator

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Re: Forum Photo Tutorials (Table of Contents)
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Thanks.    Just so everyone is aware, the the title of each tutorial section is a hyperlink to that section.   Click on the hyperlink to get to that section.


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Re: Photo Tutorial - Taking, Editing, and Posting Forum Images
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I've edited the Photo Tutorial a tiny bit, added Dan Lykes excellent tutorials, and taken it out of DRAFT status.   As of now, it is officially in production.   (Which really doesn't mean much; we can still add content in the future.)

Good luck and remember, "It didn't happen if ya ain't got pics!"   ;D



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Re: Photo Tutorial - Taking, Editing, and Posting Forum Images
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What a nice photography section! Thanks guys. All the emails and posts giving me direction are fantastic! I will take everyones ideas and help and make you proud. Some of you would make good teachers. I would still rather have someone here so I could see them in action, but " I'll make it work"!

I am rapping up a few projects this weekend so I will give a try and post the results.

Dan the tutorial is SWEET as well as johne single light tutorial. And Micheal thanks for all your tips too. To many people to thank, if I forget someone don't take it personal.

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