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Adding Images to Posts using "Additional Options..."

If you just want to quickly share your images in a post, using "Additional Options..." is quick and easy.  You just upload the image to you post using the "Additional Options..." link, click "Post" when you are finished writing your post, and you're done!   Here are the steps:

1) After you click "New Topic" and type your post, click "Additional Options..." at the bottom left:

2) After clicking "Additional Options", the screen changes and you see the upload controls:

Look at the "Attach:" boxes and buttons.   The allowed files types and maximum attachment sizes are shown below the "Attach:" buttons.  By clicking the Browse button you locate and select the image that you want to upload.   If you click "(more attachments)", additional upload file boxes appear.   So, you can keep adding additional images up to the maximum. 

3) When you are ready to post your message, just click "Post" and attached photos will be uploaded with your post and will appear at the bottom. 

Note that clicking "Preview" will show the previewed text, but NOT the images.

OK, that's it!   Easy isn't it?!?

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