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Spetool Router bit experience?
« on: February 01, 2023, 04:47 PM »
Curious if anyone has experience with Spetools from amazon.
I was thinking about buying this flattening bit but wasn't sure on the brand.
The reviews seem good and I ran them through fakespot which gave it a A rating. Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Spetool Router bit experience?
« Reply #1 on: February 01, 2023, 05:52 PM »
I have one of those, but I'm not sure that the brand name is the same? Probably made by the same place, name not necessarily important.
I have never used it for its intended purpose though. I use it in a router table for cutting rabbets in particle board or making full-width relief cuts in hardwood trim. It's a bit rough on a regular router, even a big 3hp model, when making cuts like this. That big diameter and a full 180 degree contact cut in hardwood is quite a load on the motor. These are really intended for CNC spindles, and shallow skim cuts.
It works well, spins nice, doesn't howl or act stupid. I have used mine long enough to have gone through all of the rotations and replaced the inserts, at least three times. Uses readily-available inserts.

I went and looked it up. The one I got was 3 flute, 2" diameter, ROOCBIT brand and cost $46
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Re: Spetool Router bit experience?
« Reply #2 on: February 01, 2023, 07:51 PM »
SpeTools I think is that middle ground where they act as sourcing liason.  Occasionally, if they change manufacturers for a bit, quality can be hit or miss.  But that's a blip as they rectify it for their brand.  Unlike other brands that manufacture in house, that's the risk you take for a cheaper price.  Id buy through Amazon and not direct so you have remediation if the QA failed.