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Title: What's a 3HP Grizzly shaper worth?
Post by: LaserGecko on April 28, 2007, 07:50 PM
Hi everyone,

What's a slightly used (<10 hours) Grizzly 3HP shaper with a couple of cutters worth? I don't know what cutters it specifically has yet, but am awaiting an answer.

Also, what's a good "do whatever it takes to buy it" price point?


PS: Geez, can't tell I've been thinking about routers very much, can you? I couldn't even get the Subject of the thread right.

UPDATE: There's a guy in Las Vegas with one for sale for $400. He has a couple cutters, too, but no raised panel cutters. I'm going to pass on it since I must have Incra, but it's on craigslist.