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Title: Three Jaw Chuck Question
Post by: Mike Goetzke on September 07, 2021, 01:12 PM
Sorry - I figured out a work around.

I purchased a new grain mill for my homebrewing hobby. The new mill has three rollers that are gear driven. My previous mill had two independent rollers and the grain being pulled in drove the idle wheel. This new mill requires way more torque to drive than my old one. Ends up my Makita 1/2" drill/driver/impact has plenty of torque to drive it.

The mill has a 1/2" drive shaft. The manufacture milled three flats on the shaft to accommodate a drill chuck. I had to make a board for the mill to sit on and a hopper for the grain so I've only tested out the mill and not used it for a brew yet. Yesterday for the final trial I must have chucked the drill up on the shaft and not the flats so the the drill spun and scratched the shaft a bit. After crying a little I re-chucked it and no issues at all.

So is there a method to make sure I'm on the flats and not on the shaft?