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I've developed a small power feeder for use on router tables, light-to-medium duty work on a table saw, and, most excellently, resawing on a band saw. My feeder is powered by a brushless motor drill. I know, it sounds crazy. But it has been favorably reviewed by Fine Woodworking Magazine last month, and indeed it works  as well as commercial power feeders for many jobs, and  is usable on many small machines where even the so called "baby feeder" would be too large and heavy (like a job site table saw, small composite tabled router table) or 14" band saw). 
Its user friendliness is partly a function of the qualities of the particular brushless motor drill used to power it, qualities that aren't mentioned in owners manuals, or even available from inquiry to manufacturers. I have tested many models of brushless motor drills, and not found one that has the best of the qualities that matter for this use. They are : low minimum rpm , for use in resawing wide boards on a relatively low powered bandsaw, close speed spacings between speeds as one ramps up the speed, relatively large amounts of trigger travel between speeds, so a "switch" can lock in a speed reliably, lack of auto-shutoff, so drill can operate continuously. I'm looking for a few Festool drill owners who could put a small power feeder to good use, and report back to me and the world about their experience. 
Good work ripples out.

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Re: small power feeder offering --looking for Festool drill owner testers
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