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I picked up the Leigh D4R a few months back and wanted to practice making some joints on scrap before using it on a real job. Here's what they turned into:

A simple storage box for my Festool MFT table using 1/4" toilet bowl bolts.  I was also experimenting with different ways to rabbet in 1/2" plywood on all of these.

I'm not sure what I'll end up storing here but it holds my remotes for now.  I started with "bullet" hinges, but they sagged a LOT.  I replaced them with a piano hinge, and although it's better, there's still some sag.  I put a catch on it, but I think I mounted it backwards.

This one is for storing my drill bits.  I used SOSS invisible hinges and these too have a little sag to them, even though I sized them to SOSS specs. I used a catch on this cab too, and mounted them opposite as the remote cab and I like it better.  I also tried some sliding dovetails that I sanded down a little for clearance to make them removable.  Not sure I like it all that much.  I used a french cleat to mount this one.  The back panel grain is sideways in order to use up scrap.

I mortised in the SOSS hinges before assembly.

This is the Festool jig I used for the mortising.  A 3/8" bit with a 5/8" collar made it easy to lay out.

Next up will be a cabinet for my turning tools and something to store the Worksharp.  Finally, here's how I'm hanging up the Leigh jig.

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Re: Leigh dovetail jig practice, hardware observations and MFS
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Nice work. Practice makes perfect and you're well on your way.
Les (near Indy) XL