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Title: Shaper upgrade progress pics
Post by: James Biddle on April 14, 2009, 08:39 PM
After using my MFS last weekend, I was reminded of the 8020 extrusions I've been using.  I've been upgrading my shaper and thought I'd post progress pics.   

Here's a shot of the outboard fence I added on using 8020.net aluminum extrusions.  There's a linear bearing that I'm using a plate as a backup.

Here, I put the new feeder roller wheels on.  Also, I replaced the standard fence with another homemade fence using 8020.net stuff and other hardware.  The blue rail is spring loaded to keep the stock up against the outboard fence.  The whole fence is easily removed and replaced with the standard fence for normal operations.  Also, I had one of our local members fab up two inserts for the shaper to keep from having a large hole when using different cutters.  I'm really happy with these upgrades, but I have a few more to go.  There is an extra DC port in the back of the table casting I want to hook up to the DC and I want to add extensions for longer parts.