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SCM Minimax FS30c Planer Thicknesser
« on: November 11, 2020, 03:45 PM »
I am looking for some comments on a couple of issues I have with this machine which I have just received. I do not think the brand affects what I am experiencing.

I have what I hope are a couple of teething issues. When I feed wood into the thicknesser the ridged roller grabs it and pushes it down at the front. The board then smacks down at the back as it moves a bit forward. Adjustments (there are 4 hex bolts that change the tension that the roller is under) have failed to get rid of this issue. The vendor is saying that this is normal and all thicknessers do this but I think not.

Has anyone experienced anything like this?

This leads to a second issue which is that I can see  very slight impressions of the ridged roller on the wood after thicknessing. I see this after taking 0.5mm, 1mm or 2mm off of the board. Again I think this is a fault. Have others seen this effect on a thicknesser?

Feeding the board through again without changing the thicknessing depth leaves deep (1-2mm) impressions on the wood. Though I know there is little point to this step other than looking at what happens.

Any comments appreciated. I am looking for support for when the tech guy visits.

Many thanks,

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