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power tools I keep around
« on: November 16, 2007, 03:32 PM »
Its taken me about 12 years to collect my stuff... and I did it mostly
on the cheap... buying old stuff and fixing it up and using it.

I have resold machines often when found a machine I liked
better or just wanted to try out.

I lot of folks think you gotta have heavy duty machines to do good
work and thats not really true.  I have a 12" jointer/planer right now
but I could do beautiful furniture with a 6" jointer or just with
a lunchbox planer.

I have about 7 routers.  old craftsman and B&D routers are easy to
come by used and I just leave them set up for certain cuts.  I've
got some nice newer 1/2" routers too.

Oh my.  I currently have 4.  crazy I know.  I have a big, 50 year
old Delta 20" saw with a 1.25" blade I leave on it.  I also have
an INCA 340 10" saw... which is a remarkable little machine. I liked
it so much I snapped up the tiny INCA 8" 205 saw when I found
a used one.  I also have an Oliver portable 8" TimberFramers bandsaw.

If I could have just one it would be a tossup between the INCA
and the Delta.  The INCA really is that good, and its portable.


I've sold a couple of INCA saws and currently I have an INCA 2200
saw.  Good machine.  Nice dust collection. I had a slider on another
INCA I owned and one of these days, having the space and budget
I'd like to replace the INCA with a big European slider.  Honestly,
I haven't found festool to outperform a good tablesaw with the
right kind of room and outfeed support.


I've owned several over the years and currently I have a Robland
XSD jointer/planer combo.  It has a slot mortiser on it too.  Nice
machine.  You have to learn your way around these things...
pet peeve is checking the jointer tables everytime I use the
planer function... because they don't line up perfect every time.


On the XSD.  I never much liked mortising with a plunge router.
Sliding mortiser makes mortising fun.


I have a dewalt 733 which recently broke a drive sprocket.
I was dismayed until I took it apart and found the part online
A $10 fix.  Otherwise I have been pleased with this planer.
It gives a higher quality finish than the Robland, though it doesn't
have nearly the muscle.

OverArm Router:

Picked up at a yard sale.  Weird antique combo machine with
a jig saw on the back.  These things are a joy for making
jigs fast.  I build guitars sometimes... and this is THE tool
to have for that. 

Thickness Sander:

Performax 22/44 hooked up to an old Delta 10" Radial Arm Saw.
Fussy tool but real useful for building guitars. 

Panel Saw:

I have had a few lower end saws like SafetySpeedCut and
found them inappropriate for finish cuts ... and the one I have now
is the Panel King... unfortunately out of business.  Mine is
older and I picked it up cheap. Accurate yet fussy jig gives
straight rips and quite square crosscuts.

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Re: power tools I keep around
« Reply #1 on: November 29, 2007, 10:07 PM »
how big is your shop?   :o  That's a lot o iron you have!
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Re: power tools I keep around
« Reply #2 on: November 30, 2007, 04:43 PM »
Frankly, my current shop is not very big... and many of these
machines are not setup...  I can put them together if I have
a job that justifies it.

Currently what I have setup is an INCA 2200 table saw.  The saw
has removable rails.  I took them off and put another short rail
on the front.  My rip capacity is about 12" with this setup...
but the saw is very compact and serves my needs for the work
I am doing right now... solid wood joinery.

I also have the big bandsaw in there.  The INCA band saw is
portable, so I just put it on my bench if I want to use it.

I have a little, accurate INCA 8" jointer which is fine for the smaller
parts I'm working on right now.  With festool guide rails a big
jointer isn't really necessary for straight-edging stock.

A portable planer is sitting on the base of my lathe... a 36"
long Rockwell.  I'm interested in turned furniture parts so
I bought the lathe recently to explore these kinds of traditional

My shop centers around my cherry bench.   I have a lot of hand tools
and I know how to sharpen them.  I use planes frequently when
working solid wood.

Currently the panel saw is in storage as are the overarm router,
the 12"" jointer/planer, and the drum sander...