Author Topic: New Mafell DDF 40 Duo Doweller  (Read 16644 times)

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Re: New Mafell DDF 40 Duo Doweller
« Reply #90 on: September 05, 2019, 01:03 PM »
I had several conversations with the Timberwolf staff when I was getting used to my DDF40.

Those conversations erased any concerns I had about support for the tool. I got prompt and expert responses to my questions.

The quality of the tool is excellent.

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Re: New Mafell DDF 40 Duo Doweller
« Reply #91 on: September 05, 2019, 10:16 PM »
@ DeformedTree I don't think you have any worries with Mafell, my experiences with them have all been positive, bearing in mind that they are quite a small company with limited outlets.
They aren't fast at answering email but, neither are Festool in my experience, in fact I have at least two unanswered emails to Festool.
Timber Wolf seem a decent dealer, so again you should be fine.

I already own a Mafell tool, pretty let down by parts of it.  I think folks definitely have over hyped them.  But it's a rather different type of tool than a DDF.  Since this is a Festool Forum I'm not going to get into it very much.  But simply, it is expensive and has an un-expected amount of crude-ness to it, and some things that made be rather un-happy.  In the end, companies are companies, they have good points and weak points,  good products, bad products.   Any company can make some dumb decisions on a product. People want to believe Mafell is magicaly different, when it's just another company.

As I mentioned on my previous post, part of the concern is simply the US market is a very small place for Mafell, it's almost shocking they do make US specific tools for the US, but some of them they simply ship as is, the Erika 85 is such a tool, you buy the Germany version.

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Re: New Mafell DDF 40 Duo Doweller
« Reply #92 on: September 06, 2019, 03:43 AM »
@DeformedTree  In that case, I think you’d be better saving your money.