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Hmm, are you sure there is no adapter?

I think the compatibility down range is there to the "old" OIS blades. I can check this afternoon.

I cannot find an adapter for backward compatibility. Please do check.

I see Metabo have a new(?) Multitool that has led lights and what looks like (not sure) the new fein bosch starlock type of blade fixing and old style blade fixing. I only saw the video earlier so I msy be incorrect with my observations.

I am using that Metabo 18V multicutter which is an OIS machine - it has an adapter for Supercut/Vecturo blades which is very simple and does the job well. Since I have mostly Supercut blades I am using them on the Metabo.

I was surprised to find that they shipped the machine with an adapter for Supercut blades - but it is very welcome indeed.  The adapter does not fit other machines AFAIK though.

The Metabo machine is a very good multicutter. The on/off switch is VERY stiff but it might have to do with the vibration of the tool (keeping it from accidentally shutting off). The vibration level is not too bad. 
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