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My CMT dowel jig finally arrived.
« on: January 21, 2021, 03:09 PM »
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A CMT dowel jig just landed on my front stoop.  I have not yet actually seen it. 

I have another dowel jig that is very versatile (but slow to use)--from England, the Dowel Genie.  This dowel jig pretty much does everything that Dowelmax does, but is a bit easier to use.  I like it.  But it is slow, especially for longer spans as it only spans about 10 inches.

This CMT jig does not aspire to versatility; it is a sheet-goods-only jig. 

It is not imported to the USA. I had to import it. 

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I will report on the usage this weekend. 

There are three components. 

The drill boring device arrived the other day from Germany. 

The other two components are coming from Madrid and the other from Milan.  I'm not sure which arrived today.  The other is supposed to arrive on Saturday. 

The advantages, aside from being fast and very simple to use, is that they use 35mm x 8mm dowels.  That is about 1.4" long.  About .5" gets set into the side of the plywood and the balance goes into the edges.  This asymmetrical arrangement is supposed to prevent the plywood from splitting if racking forces are exerted on the assembly.  I will have to test that.  Which fails first?  Do the dowels crack or does the plywood split?

It is also for MDF and particleboard.  I don't often use either, so I will be testing on plywood.  Stay tuned.

Note:  Sorry about the sloppy looking link.  It does work.  I had to try four different methods before it showed up. 

Note #2:  IGM is a large Czech distributor of CMT products.  They have some of those products relabeled with their brand name.  They make a much better video than CMT does themselves.

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