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Title: Mitersaw stands
Post by: henry1224 on July 11, 2007, 09:37 PM
Does anybody have a good review of a Mitersaw stand?

I saw this one  http://www.htcproductsinc.com/mswc.html  but a user gave it a bad review!

Where to next?


Title: Re: Mitersaw stands
Post by: brandon.nickel on July 11, 2007, 11:55 PM
Well, I can give you a review of my DeWalt DW723.  I bought it from Amazon for ~$170.  However, to really make it work well, you'll be needing another pair of DW7232 support/stops.  That takes the price to over $200.

Advantages:  It's extremely sturdy.  It should be since it weighs 35lbs.  The extensions are rock-solid, allowing for very repeatable cutting to length of stock.  Also, I like how the stops on the DW7232's flip up and down yet return to the exact location each time.  Again, very accurate and repeatable.  The extensions go out a ridiculously long way (16' total).  It's very easy to mount/dismount my DeWalt 708 using the quick-connect feet.  Sets up and breaks down very quickly.

Disadvantages:  It's heavy.  It doesn't have wheels or a good way to hang it on the wall.  It's a little too big to fit anywhere convenient.  No adjustable leg for use in uneven terrain.

Summary:  I like it.  I haven't seen anything better despite its lack of some of the innovations of its competitors from HTC, Delta, or Craftsman.  The Bosch TracRac wasn't out when I bought mine and that looks intriguing, but I frequently trim 10' boards so I like having the 8' of support on either side of the blade. 

Hope that helps.

Title: Re: Mitersaw stands
Post by: Rob Tolentino on July 16, 2007, 12:08 PM
The current issue of Fine Homebuilding magazine has an article on miter-saw stands.  They reviewed 6 stands, but not the Dewalt, which I currently own.  I bought the stand at the same time I purchased my DW718 SCMS to work together.  I am happy with its stability.  And like the previous post, the drawback for me is that there is no easy way to hang it on the wall of my basement shop, so to store it I have to lay it horizontally on the floor until I can build a wall rack system for my lumber and utilize on of the shelves.

Upon examination of the article, they placed a small notation at the end:  "All the stands we checked out earned their place on the job site, but not in the magazine.  To get a look at the rest of the stands we tested, visit www.finehomebuilding.com.  You can watch Mike Guertin explaining the benefits of the four different classes of folding miter-saw stands."

Hope this helps you.  Good luck in your choice.