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Milwuakee M18 7 1/4 chop saw 2733-20, Chopshop hood
« on: April 06, 2018, 05:45 PM »
 Wanted to share my new lightweight small trim saw

I do mostly apartment remodels in 100 year old buildings. No elevators, all walk-up buildings. mostly 3 floor or less.
I usually need to cut base, cabinet trim, casing, etc- not much for crown. I do still have the 12" deWalt slider if needed.

This new saw weighs in at 28 lbs with battery(less than half my de-wally slider) and has 3.5" vertical capacity, and can square cut a 2x8.
I put it on a masterforce(Menards) saw stand and built some 1/2" MDO outfeed tables.
In the tables I built out 2 drawers to carry various tools I use for running trim. Festool clamps, collins clamps, good pencil sharpener, some files, fastcap flushcut pliers, spring nailsets, protractor, crown chart, etc...

Since this saw doesn't trigger the Dust Extractor I figured I'd give the Chopshop a try. I shortened the back(12") and next up(8") brackets on the hood. It makes it much more compact.

I've only used it a half dozen times so far, but it's been great. For me, Cuts for days on a 9.0 battery.

The outfeed tables have Parf holes in the ends, and probably get fit for a compact router soon.
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