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Laser level help
« on: March 05, 2023, 03:50 PM »
Folks I am looking for a very simple laser level. Basically just a unit that projects a line that is 90 degrees to the surface that the unit is sitting on. I'm not really looking for an actual plumb line but a line that is at a right angle to the surface it sits on. The line also doesn't need to be projected across the room either but fairly close.

I think that means all the self leveling units are out and a manual unit might work.

What I am going to set in on a floor lamp base and use it to transfer locations on the lamp body.

 I think this cheap Ryobi unit might work.

Any and all suggestions welcome.


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Re: Laser level help
« Reply #1 on: March 05, 2023, 05:21 PM »
I bought a reconditioned Bosch laser level.  It has performed flawlessly since purchase.  It does both horizontal and plumb lines individually and in combination.
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Re: Laser level help
« Reply #2 on: March 05, 2023, 05:41 PM »
Yeah, self leveling won't work if you want to adjust it to perpendicular rather than plumb. I had a Craftsman that was manual leveling and would work quite well the way you want.


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Re: Laser level help
« Reply #3 on: March 05, 2023, 07:46 PM »
Most of the Bosch levels let you switch off the self leveling feature. It’s kinda clunky though, you slide the switch to a position that prevents the mechanism from swinging so you might throw it off in the process. Cycle to the plumb line then set the level on a level surface and let it settle. Then slide the switch to lock it when you move the level to wherever you want and it should make a “plumb” line that is square to where you place the level.
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Re: Laser level help
« Reply #4 on: March 05, 2023, 09:24 PM »
I have a 3 axis Bosch which lets you turn off or fix the laser.  It's not inexpensive, however.

However, If you have a drill press, you might take a block of wood and drill a hole in it and then get an inexpensive laster pointer and insert in the hole to project a line vertically.  Laser pointers are inexpensive with very good battery life.

This might be an even easier approach - [size=78%][/size]

Looks like it offers horizontal and vertical lines projected and is NOT self-leveling.  Under $20 too.

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