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Title: In my Garage
Post by: sowilson on September 14, 2007, 06:55 PM
Besides Festool sanders, 1010 router, drill, and vac my garage is overrun with the following

Minimax CU350  combination machine (8.5' Sliding tablesaw w/ dato, tilting arbor Shaper, 14" jointer, 14" planer, mortiser)
Minimax MM20 bandsaw
Leigh D4
Jet 17" Drill Press
Norm/Bench Dog router table w/PC7518 router and BenchDog lift
Performax 16/32
Grizzly 1071 OSS (I really like this nice big OSS)
Bridgewood 6x89" sander
Lamello Cantex lipping planer, laminate trimmer, and early biscuit joiner
Oneway 2436 Lathe, 3hp, 2nd banjo, 17" extension (mounted inboard), Oneway chucks, various stuff
Bench Grinder w/ Wolverine System, Tormek, and Shapton stones for sharpening
Oneida 2HP Commercial DC