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Title: Handy Domino Layout Tool
Post by: Vtshopdog on May 28, 2020, 05:18 PM
Stumbled into this accordion layout tool at Woodcraft.  Super handy for setting equidistant spacing for Domino mortises.  You can easily set it for a given spacing or just stretch it out to whatever number of slots you want in a length, no math and very little measuring involved.  Nice little time saver.

M-Power brand, I have their circle cutting jig for my router and happy with it too.

Title: Re: Handy Domino Layout Tool
Post by: GoingMyWay on May 28, 2020, 05:50 PM
I also picked up mine from Woodcraft.  It is pretty neat.  I kinda have OCD about even-spacing (even on the backside where no one will ever see).  I used it once to space out some screws and I suspect I didn't stretch it out quite enough and ended up going a little overboard with a bunch of screws.

Last week, I watched the DF500 video from Festool International: https://youtu.be/_o4U1i6JxPc?t=2066.  They showed how you can use the cross-stops to eliminate the need to even mark a pencil line (which will likely need to be removed later).  That seems like a real time saver!
Title: Re: Handy Domino Layout Tool
Post by: Mortiser on May 28, 2020, 06:10 PM
Also easy to get equidistant layout with a rubber band. A wide one is better. Here's how...
Cut the rubber band.
Layout it out on your bench un-stretched.
Lay a ruler on the rubber band and make a mark at each 1" mark, starting at approximately an inch or so from the left end.
Make as many marks on the rubber band at the inch intervals on your ruler as positions you need for your workpiece.
Place the first mark on the rubber band at your starting point on your workpiece and stretch to the last needed mark at the end-point on your workpiece.
Clamp each end of your stretched rubber band to the corresponding starting and ending points, aligned to you rubber band marks.
Mark the now stretched rubber band marks onto your workpiece.

Cheap, quick and accurate.