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From Jim Dailey
« on: April 01, 2007, 12:45 PM »
Hi Matthew,

First my old insulated shop w/ floor to 10 ceiling cabinets (some 96 Style & Rail Burr Oak doors) is 24' x 32' busting at the seams... the old shop is now a staging area for the new 36' x 64' with 10' side-wall shop made out of insulated foam block w/6" poured cores (effectively a R 50 side walls).  I need to get the radiant heat run & the floor poured this summer.  This shop may never get done as originally planned as my future plans are now in the process of changing....  time will tell...

As for equipment.... to be very brief...

Major shop stationary tools; Unisaw, Unishaper w/power feeder, DJ-20, MM 20" BS, Delta 14" BS, Delta 15" planer, 38" Woodmaster drum sander, Williams & Hussey Moulder, DeWalt RS, Makita slide, DeWalt miter, Delta VS Drill Press, Leigh FMT, Woodrat, 3 Lathes including Delta w/duplicator, Delta sanding station, Spindle sander, panel saw, 5hp Oneida for new shop (not hooked up yet), Dust Boy vacuum, vacuum table & vacuum bags & vacuum clamps, Fein vacuum & shop built router table with Incra Linear Twin.

Other major wood equipment; Lucas 8" saw mill w/40' of rail & a 60" slabbing attachment, LS 170 skid steer & grapple to handle the logs.  A note on the Lucas... if the log is over 80" in diameter & over 40' long I can't handle it with the mill.......  :o Needless to say my skid steer couldn't handle it either!!!  ;)

Hand power tools....... I really have no idea... but off the top of my head.... Routers; 4 - 3 1/4hp PC, 2 -2hp PC, DeWalt 3 1/4, 6 - 690 PC with more bases, 2 PC trim routers & several more sundry routers, 4 - DeWalt cordless drills, multiple PC saws, multiple PC sanders, Fein Multimaster & who knows what else....

Festool equipment;  2 drills ( C12 & TDK 15.6), 3 saws (AFT 55, AFT 65, & Trion PSB300 EQ), 2 routers (OF 1010 EQ, OF 1400 EQ), 9 sanders (LS 130, RO 150 E, ETS 150/3, ETS 125, RAS 115, DS 400, RS 400, RS 2, & DX 93), MFS 700 & 1000mm rails on order, 2 -CT 22's, MFT 1080 & a large MFT to be built in next few weeks, LR 32 sys, lot's of extra Systainer & Sortainers, 3 Systainer Ports, lots of rails & clamps etc.

As for tool accessories.... dozens of Starrett combination squares & rules, shaper cutters in every profile with 5 different stile & rail patterns w/ 3 different raise panel profiles, 100's of router bits, at least 5 Incra positioners (2 mounted on my Unishaper, 1 on a drill press, 1 on router table) & Incra track mounded on lots of the equipment including the Leigh FMT & DeWalt saws.  And many Japanese pull saws...  Air tools from "pinners" to 16 gauge & every brad nailer/stapler in between...

After looking thru Lou's list I remembered more junk large & small... but I've got to get to work.


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