Author Topic: Flip stops that will work with inset t-track (as opposed to a fence)?  (Read 2118 times)

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Built a Paulk Total Station -- Looks like it's gonna be a welcome addition, but I'm less enthusiastic about the shop-made flip stops. This bench was pretty much just for the guys at work but I'm planning to build another one with some minor changes and I'd like to incorporate commercially available t-track and stops.

Couldn't find any flip stops that would work out-of-the-box, as most are designed for use on a fence, and would hit the work surface when pivoting. Some look like they would work if I took a grinder to the leg or straightened them... Wouldn't be hard, but wondering if anybody here knows of any other options? 

Also looking for longer lengths of t-track, not picky about brand but I couldn't find anything over 4' long. Could always just butt a couple lengths together, but there's gotta be 6' or 8' lengths somewhere?

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I used 8' lengths of 8020 1530 series extrusions and have two Kreg flip stops KMS7801 with the on each side.

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The Woodpeckers stainless steel flip stops would work if the arms are substantial enough for your purposes.  Looks simple enough to turn the arm around.

Orange Aluminum can probably sell you longer lengths of T track.  Give them a call.
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Not clear what you are asking.  I assume you are going to inset t-track into the bench.  And you want to use a stop on that T-track for stopping a piece?  But you have holes in the bench.  So not clear how you are needing the stops.

That said, Woodpecker offers their Drill press table stops -

McMaster has T-track that works great with Festool clamps if you want to go that route.  It's available in lengths up to 48".

The Rockler T-track does not work with the Festool F clamps. 

The Woodpecker stops will work with most T-track that accepts a 1/4" hex head bolt.

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