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Title: Fitting the Trion Guide Stop on the Bosch 1591 baseplate
Post by: Sean G on March 24, 2009, 09:53 AM
Hello, I recently purchased the Bosch 1591 jigsaw and its dust collector attachment (try as I might, I couldn't justify  the extra $$$ for the Trion). It's a fantastic tool. Although I was able to try the 1591 at the shop where I bought it, I've never handled the Trion. Can anyone who owns or has used both tell me if there is any way I could fit the Trion's guide stop accessory on the base plate of the 1591? I primarily use the jigsaw for curved cuts, and I know that the back side of a Festool guide rail would serve as a reasonable alternative if and when needed, but I was just wondering.