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Title: Festool Automotive Air Vac/Hose with other Sanders
Post by: bmonaweck on May 17, 2020, 09:19 AM
Festool seems to be the best vac system setup and the sanders appear to be top notch on quality.  The difficulty I'm facing is no one sells the sanders, or at least at a reasonable price.  I have the vac system, organization, air hose adapters and air modules; but now several suppliers have come back and said the sanders have been discontinued.  So now here I sit with a couple grand in vac system and hoses; but can't get any sanders (outside of hand sanders) for it. 

At this point I've resorted to buying Hutchins sanders as those are MUCH cheaper but the best sanders in the US.  They are all set-up for vac systems, however their sanders don't have Festool's end on them to mate up to the one connection air/vac hose.  I've ordered some spare parts as I'm able to find parts, but not sanders, in attempts I can make a conversion of sorts to retain the festool connection rather than a 2 point connection (1 vac, 1 air). 

Has anyone had similar issues?  Is there a conversion kit already available to convert Festool IAS 3-in-1 hose to other brand vacuum-assisted sanders? 

Thanks in advance!!