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DW745 losing its height
« on: July 13, 2022, 04:24 PM »
This one caused me to chase my tail for a while. I was setting up to do some tenon work on my DW745. I'd get the fit dialed in perfect, do my passes, and it worked fine for a while. I did a few tenons this way. Then today I try to do it and I'm noticing my tenons are thicker toward the shoulder. Maybe I just messed up the last pass. Nope. Finally I decided something had to be changing on me and sure enough, the motor/blade height is lowering on its own. I took a video not sure if it will show:

On the later model DeWalt there's a tensioning nut that can be tightened. Mine doesn't have one. I read somewhere someone else had a similar issue and to put a vice grip on the adjustment wheel at its lowest position to add weight and keep it from spinning. I like that poor man's approach and will probably use it to keep going.

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