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I am just reaching out to inquire on thoughts and opinions with dust extractors. I understand everyone has there bias towards a brand such as onieda, powermatic, felder. I’m personally looking at the Harvey G700 and for a few reasons:

     1. I prefer to cry once rather then twice with my purchases and plan to keep it for the long term. I’m not rich but I can rub nickels together.
     2. The overall size and profile of the unit gives a little more flexibility in the containment of the processor. An ability to move this around as needed is crucial for me.
     3. Quietness, given I’m doing this in a residential area and wanna respect my neighbors. (I do not have the option to store it in a storage shed).

 I am aware of Bents, Stumpy nubs, carpenter, bourbon moth (G800) YouTube videos of the Harvey models What I presently have is a Festool CT48 AC model which gives me flexibility with some of my homes DIY improvements and works quite well for my Festool tools.  Though I know this doesn’t have the ability to work for a dedicated table saw and other large debris producing tools. I’ve seen Oneida systems but I have to agree with some of the comments with regards to the cheap and thin plastic used on the mobile models is questionable given the associated costs.

I apologize if I’ve posted this in the wrong area. I just wanna know what anyone’s experience and opinions are as I intend to buy the most affordable dust extractor I can afford that will last me the long haul. An the woodworkers in my area I’ve spoken too about it think I’m crazy for not just looking at a simple dust bag collection system, but as I already know they tend to leak and push particles in the air of your shop so simplicity is also a consideration in my future purchase. Thank you for any responses on the topic. As I hope this helps not only myself but all woodworkers in the United States and Abroad. 

An if I am wrong about something please advise as this is a dialogue of discussion to help anyone.
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My nephew has the Harvey 700 and really likes it.  He’s using on a sliding table saw.  I looked at them several years ago but went with a Laguna largely because I had more ‘vertical’ space than horizontal space.  The Harvey is also pretty heavy as I recall.  They are quiet.  Not sure how it would work in a ‘central’ setup with piping and multiple machines and drops.  The port for it as I recall is out the front, rather than the back which might affect where you place and how you might pipe it. 

Your biggest chip maker would likely be a planer or joiner.  Next likely is a router table.  I don’t find the TS to bet that much of a challenge for dust collection.  So think about placement.  Moving it around on projects will get old based on my experience. 

I started with a mobile PowerMatic after a Mobile Makita years ago.  I quickly went to a whole-shop unit for better collection and a cleaner shop layout.  That Harvey does take a lot of room to move around and it is heavy, so keep that in mind given your pathways in your shop.  I have a. 12” J/P and can fill the drum on my Laguna in 10 minutes, so I don’t do a lot of planing and when I do, I just bring in a trash can to my garage workshop for easy emptying and knock out any planing in a batch.

You can purchase a CFM meter on Amazon for not much money and it might be of help if you decide to do multiple tools and want to optimize piping and placement. 

I have TS, Planer, thickness sander, Drill Press, Bandsaw, drum sander and disc sander all plumbed to my Laguna and it works well with 4” PVC pipe. 

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@neilc (Neil) thank you for the response. Yes I have vertical and somewhat horizontal space. Though I plan to just use a flex hose with a quick connect system. On each tool as acquired or used. I’ve seen the upright laguna extractors just not sure how loud they are in use. But my experience building a cyclone with a cabinet maker I use to apprentice with a large drum canister under it was quite loud. More factors to consider now. Just looking to be able to roll everything around against a area in my garage and pull it out as needed is my approach.