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9 manufacturers - 1 battery platform.

For now in German language only, I hope they add language selection soon - but the images do quite some talking.

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Very cool !  How many of these brands are owned by the same parent company or are they truly independent entities?  Thanks for sharing.

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Most are independent afaik. Some have already worked together in the past.

Independent, afaik:

Metabo (KKR / Hitachi)
Mafell AG
Starmix/Haaga (Algo Group)
Elektrowerkzeuge GmbH Eibenstock
Rothenberger (Textron)

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Hmmm... I doubt other tool manufactures would be willing to drop their own batteries and change their tools over to this one…
If only for backwards compatibility issues and their investments in R&D and their pride.

Maybe some other small manufacturers with just a few tools will still join in, but I highly doubt a Makita, Milwaukee, Festool,... would every adopt another manufacturers battery platform.

Hopefully Hitachi will adopt the batteries with the re-branding though. That would be a nice one! :) But then again, Hitachi would have already been on this list wouldn't it?

In any case an awesome development to be sure and something we've all been waiting for for years!
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Doh! it`s a start my friend  [tongue]

I know it`s all about design but beside design there is no reason the NA major* companies like Ridgid, Dewalt and Milwaukee do not use the same platform. They offer pretty much the same tools with almost identical specs.

Thanks for the video Oliver. I like how Europe makes their pre-advertising promotion, very  8)

* By major I mean popular, right!

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I like the idea and can see how it would be commercially beneficial for the group of manufacturers that are forming this alliance.

Metabo can provide the base and some value priced machines for every purpose.
The others bring specialty tools to the fold, most of the smaller companies do not have many cordless tools in their current line-up.
This basically widens the customer base for everyone involved and offers the end customers the similar benefits.

But, as others above, I doubt that additional „large portfolio“ manufacturers will join the alliance. (If not Part of the group already, by company association)

...not to say that I would not appreciate a wider cross-compatibility of batteries. :)

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Nice...very nice. Good scope Oliver.🙏

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If Bosch, Fein, and Hilti join I’ll really be impressed.

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We will see what the future holds, but keep in mind the rather "sudden death" of HD-DVD when key companies (Warner) committed to BlueRay much sooner than everyone expected and also rather unexpectedly. Wal-mart cleared out HD-DVD's and Players to only sell BlueRay ...

I'm excited and I'm curious about the future of cordless tools. :)

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For those into DSLRs, this sounds a lot like the micro four thirds of power tool batteries.   Those companies may be bigger than I'm imagining them, but this sort of thing is usual what happens when small companies realize they are struggling to compete in a market, so they try to do this sort of thing.  It's not a bad thing and yes, it would be great if all power tools shared batteries.   

But unless you get a big player on board like Milwaukee, or Black and Decker (Dewalt).  It's not going to change things very much.   The big players aren't going to change, they have hundreds of tools running their batteries. No different than Canon/Nikon/Minolta not wanting to change their mount and team up.

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There's almost always been an element of tech sharing among mid-sized German tool manufacturers.  Latterly, some however have been sufficiently ill-advised to walk away from this type of relationship:  the Holz-Her, AEG, Atlas Copco, Milwaukee, Metabo, Wuerth, Festo, Robert Bosch co-op being a case in point.  Some of these alliance "manufacturers"  have been sourcing Metabo product for at least a couple of years now.

Significantly, some of these new "Akku Alliance" members (Steinel, Mafell) were formerly using Robert Bosch 36v & AEG (Rothenberger) battery tech.  I'm guessing that newer, mass-produced 18v high torque EC motors have rendered these older 2 & 4 pole motors & their battery systems obsolete.

They've also either neglected or forgotten the North American Walther power tools that likewise are using the Alliance's same batteries & tools too.

I've been pretty delighted with the performance of my own "alliance" tools that I've used to date.
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