Author Topic: As he says (at 13:15), overly complicated dust collection for a miter saw  (Read 918 times)

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A simpler solution? Just get a Kapex! [tongue]

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It's hard to imagine a less efficient and more time consuming and wasteful way to construct a simple hollow beam. Seems like a trend among youtubers with CNC machines. Stacking pieces in this direction also makes the fence less dimensionally stable, since the fibers in MDF have orientation.
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If he’d given it a bit more thought, he’d have kept it in 3 sections and then he only needs to replace the center section after it’s been beavered up.

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I have no issue with how he made it, it's not a lot of material, and it's just MDF.  Probably would have done it the same if I had a CNC.

Like cheese says, a replaceable center would have made sense.  As this gets cut up, it's not going to work well.  I would be concerned that every now and then, he will make a cut that liberates a chunk of this and it will go flying. Might just be best to go ahead and cut it at all the extremes and remove the whole bit in the cut area now.

He could have eliminated the 1/4" bits if he mirrored his parts from the center.

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Why wouldn't you just build a box around a piece of PVC pipe?

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Over engineered is an understatement.

Yet, whatever makes your boat float :-)

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I have the same saw as the first video, set up similar to the Metabo saw in the second video.  Rather than mess with the fence, why not turn the table beneath the saw into a downdraft table?